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Zelensky: Ukraine will suspend coal and gas exports to survive the winter


Volodymyr Zelensky believes that Ukraine will have to go through the “worst winter of all independence years”, so it is necessary to temporarily stop the export of gas and coal.

“No matter what the occupants plan, we must prepare for the next winter – in our state, on our territory, for all citizens. Issues related to the acquisition of a sufficient amount of gas for the heating season, the accumulation of coal and the production of electricity were discussed. In the current situation, due to the aggression of Russia, this will indeed be the most difficult winter of all the years of independence. We have to go through it so that our people can feel the normal activity of the state, “Zelenski said in a video message posted on his Telegram channel on Tuesday.

He said Ukraine would not export gas and coal.

“All domestic production will be directed to the internal needs of our citizens. At the same time, we are doing our best to increase our export capacity. This will be possible due to the capacity available in Ukraine. And after our country’s historic accession to Europe’s unified energy network, such exports not only allow us to increase our foreign exchange earnings, but also directly influence the stabilization of the energy situation in neighboring countries, which reduce energy consumption in Russia. ” also stated the Ukrainian president.

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According to him, another important aspect is the repair program for nuclear power plants, cogeneration plants and thermal power plants.

The president also urged the government to do “everything possible to ensure that gas and electricity tariffs do not change in the next heating season.”

“People are already facing a lot of difficulties because of the war. Local authorities are responsible for tariffs for heat and hot water, and the same level of tariffs should be ensured locally in the winter of 2022-2023, “Zelenski said.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said coal production at Ukraine’s state-owned mines had fallen by about a third since the end of February. He urged Ukrainians to “prepare for the most difficult heating season in Ukrainian history.”

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The government has instructed Naftogaz to ensure that at least 19 billion cubic meters of gas are stored by the beginning of winter. According to Shmyhal, Ukraine has completed the last heating season with 9 billion cubic meters of gas. According to him, since June 1, there were 10 billion cubic meters of gas in the country’s underground depots.

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