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WTO suspends examination of EU cold-rolled steel dispute at EU request


The World Trade Organization (WTO) has suspended the review of the Russia-EU lawsuit against anti-dumping measures on Russian cold-rolled steel. This was announced in Geneva on Monday by the WTO press service, without explaining the reasons that led the Russian Federation to take such a step.

The report says that on March 28, the chairman of the WTO Arbitration Commission, previously set up to look into the Russian Federation’s request to the EU, “informed WTO members that the procedure has been suspended at Russia’s request” for an indefinite period. According to the rules of the organization, the panel of arbitrators “may suspend its activity at any time at the request of the requesting party for a period not exceeding 12 months.”

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If the work is suspended for a longer period, the decision to create an arbitration panel “expires”, the press service explained.

The panel of arbitrators was set up at the WTO on April 26, 2019 after the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Economic Development accused the European Union of implementing anti-dumping measures against Russian cold-rolled steel since August 5, 2016, and Moscow considers these actions contrary to WTO rules.

The amount of anti-dumping duties is 18.7% for OJSC MMK, 34% for PJSC Severstal and 36.1% for PJSC NLMK and all other companies.

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At the same time, on March 14, 2022, the WTO suspended the examination of the EU’s lawsuit against Russia on the issue of public procurement. The initiative came from the EU, and the WTO’s press service gave no explanation as to Brussels’ reasons.

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