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Why equip your home with air conditioning?


Of course, it is also very practical in winter, when you need extra comfort to cope with low temperatures, especially when you do not have a central heating system. That is why for most homes, the air conditioner is a must have. But because the motivation to invest in such equipment is difficult to obtain, especially when you have other financial priorities, just as the choice is not at all easy when you do not have a specialist in the field with whom to consult and gives you the best advice, we argue in the following why you should put the purchase in the foreground, how to choose a good air conditioner and what are the full benefits offered.

The advantages of an air conditioner

In addition to the fact that an air conditioner can help you feel more comfortable in your home, it has many benefits known and noticed by all users who have already chosen to make this investment.

For example, the air will be better ventilated in the room. There are people who do not have time or omit the regular ventilation of the house, which is extremely important and beneficial for our well-being. Climate change between ambient and outdoor temperatures, whether it’s warmer outside or colder, may be one of the reasons. However, the air conditioner can do this and help keep the air as clean as possible.

Well-ventilated air in a room means even less risk to your health, including the prevention of damage to your home. We are talking here about non-insulated buildings and / or rooms that could easily fall victim to moisture, including mold deposits.

But these are just some of the important and beneficial aspects of air conditioners that you should consider when you are undecided about your purchase.

Is an air conditioner better than a fan or air heater?

There is a growing tendency to invest in problematic times, in an air heater or a fan. In relation to these, there are both advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider carefully.

For example, a fan or air heater will have a lower purchase cost, which is one of the reasons why you can encourage them to give it a try. Not to mention a box-type air heater, which mimics an air conditioner in terms of design and roughly even in terms of price, both it and the fan will have relatively more compact dimensions and can be transported more easily.

Keep in mind, however, that air heaters and fans often have few interchangeable programs and take time to smooth the flow of air in a room. In addition, their consumption could be much higher due to the power with which they need to be equipped for such efficiency.

Many air heater models only come with hot or cold function, with low programmable temperatures in terms of adjustment. For example, some models do not exceed 25 degrees Celsius, and if you live in a much too humid or too cold environment, it may not be enough.

We also remind you that sometimes an air heater can only be used in the cold season and a fan in the hot season. Thus, in order to be able to enjoy the comfort offered by an air conditioner, it may be necessary to invest in both devices, even in several pieces.

If you have children or animals, it should not be overlooked that air heaters and fans can suffer unpleasant incidents, but especially those mentioned. And because they only cool or heat the air and don’t actually ventilate it, the aforementioned comfort will be short-lived. Even dust and bacteria could circulate more intensely than the effect of the air conditioner, which removes air from the room outside, which could become a real danger to your body’s health.

What are the most relevant aspects when choosing an air conditioner?

In order to be fully satisfied with the performance offered by the air conditioner, it is ideal not to rush into choosing it, but to give yourself a little time to analyze the offers and properties of at least 3 models.

Do a little research on the brands available and focus on a brand that already has a reputation. You can even ask for advice from friends or watch various reviews online. There are many options for this, from Gree Pulsar air conditioners to Samsung, Whirpool, Zephir, Tesla, LG, and many other brands that you are most familiar with or have heard some good things about. – they attracted attention.

Later, however, he analyzes the price. It’s a good idea to make your budget as flexible as possible and as realistic as possible, to make sure you successfully fit all your needs together. The big advantage nowadays is that you can even choose such equipment in installments or with payment after a period of time, which gives you the chance to make as few compromises as possible.

Among the most serious aspects are the technical specifications, where the air conditioner can tell you informatively what it is capable of doing. The larger the room, the more you should look for a unit with a higher BTU. Of course, this will also influence the purchase costs, but only in this way will you be able to make sure that it offers the yield you need. A device over 10,000 BTUs should be able to successfully withstand at least the requirements of a 2-room apartment.

You must not omit the technology or the principle of operation. There are both traditional air conditioners and appliances that work with inverter technology. Basically, the latter helps you save energy, because they will use the air present in the system to make less effort and give you the same or even better efficiency. In addition, correlated with increased energy efficiency (type A ++ or A +++), you will notice a lower consumption of electricity.

Also consider features that can tell you how efficient the unit you choose is, but also how much more comfortable it will be. You will find air conditioners equipped with a dust filter, which more easily captures small impurities, as well as devices with ionization filter of bacteria that can accumulate in the air in the house or at the level of components, ion generator for a more environment. fresh and cleaner, coordination function via remote control or mobile phone, stop-start programming system, error and loss detection system and much more.

Useful information on installing an air conditioner

The installation of an air conditioner should always be done by an expert. Even if at first glance it seems like a blast to drill holes in the walls yourself and mount it, there is a good chance that you will make mistakes – from those of measurement to which you could damage your walls far too much, and then have to to invest in renovation, to the risk of damaging certain parts or not ensuring a proper airflow.

How much does a good air conditioner cost?

A good air conditioner is one that meets your personal needs and those on the site (most importantly). Although their current cost can vary between 1000-20,000 lei, it does not mean that it is the most expensive and the most suitable for you. In addition, you may want a classic appliance that does not have the latest performance, or an air conditioner suitable even for your allergies. Or you may not need an air conditioner for your home, but an office air conditioner, an industrial building, or one that is able to function excellently in relation to a specific room, not the whole house. All these things will determine the acquisition costs, as well as the reputation that the chosen brand has on the market, but also the evolution of the devices in relation to the price changes.

How much does an air conditioner consume?

The higher the BTU value of an air conditioner, the more generous you will have to expect. However, we remind you that with an inverter technology or a higher energy efficiency class, you will be able to save more while enjoying greater comfort. On average, for a unit with a consumption of 1.55 kW / hour for heating and about 1.5 kW / hour for cooling, compared to 180,000 BTU, the consumption will be about 1150 kW per year used constantly, 4 seasons per year, consumption that all you have to do is convert it to the cost of one kW of energy. With inverter technology, you could consume even less.

When is it a good idea to buy and install an air conditioner?

Most people buy an air conditioner in the summer when they notice that it is impossible to get more breathable and comfortable air as the temperatures rise. This practice is not a very healthy one because, in summer, there are also most requests regarding the installation of air conditioners. Against the background of increased demand significantly higher than the rest of the year, including acquisition costs and / or installation costs, may increase significantly. In addition, once purchased, you will want to put it into operation as soon as possible, which could be difficult due to congested specialists.

Therefore, we consider that the best time to buy an air conditioner is in the cold season, followed by its installation before the start of the warm season or towards the end of it. Once purchased, don’t forget to schedule your editing session ahead of time.

Rental space – why is it good to install an air conditioner?

Although we live in 2022, many homeowners and homeowners who choose to rent are paying higher and lower prices for less comfort. This is the main reason why it is so difficult for you to find a person who lives in the space you own and make money from it.

The more equipped the space, the more comfort people will have. And this way it will be much easier for you to receive long-term requests, but also to offer a rent at a higher price. In addition, you can always use the space as a holiday home or secondary living environment. So, installing an air conditioner can be an alternative to the power plant and / or an important addition.

How are allergy sufferers affected by the presence of an air conditioner?

People with allergies will increasingly feel the need for well-purified air, with no risk of seizures. Whether you are allergic to pollen or have asthma, a good air conditioner is a great way to keep your allergies at bay. under control. At the same time, when it is equipped with state-of-the-art filters, it could help you successfully minimize the spread of microbes and bacteria, being very helpful, for example, in the case of respiratory viruses.

That being said, you will certainly not fail to choose an air conditioner. At evoMAG you will find a wide variety of models as well as numerous offers to buy the right one at the best price.

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