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What will happen to Ukraine’s record grain harvest in 2021?


Since the beginning of the Russian invasion in late February, Ukraine has been forced to redirect its grain exports by rail to the western border or to small ports on the Danube.

According to the quoted source, the analysts from APK-Inform estimated on Tuesday that Ukraine could reach the situation where it will export only 45.5 million tons, from the record harvest of 86 million tons registered in 2021, so that at the end In the current agricultural season, the country’s grain and oil stocks could rise to a record 21.3 million tonnes.

“This is a level 4.2 times higher than at the end of the previous season and this will not allow the release of a significant part of the storage capacity for the new harvest,” the analysts added, informs Agerpres.

In normal years, Ukraine was a major world producer of grain and oilseeds, but in recent months its exports have fallen significantly. The Kyiv Ministry of Agriculture announced last week that the neighboring country exported 763,000 tons of grain in the first 29 days of April, compared to 2.8 million tons in April last year.

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The consulting firm APK-Inform estimates that by 2022 Ukraine could harvest 55.9 million tons of grain and oilseeds, resulting in a shortage of storage space of 16.3 million tons.

Official data from the National Institute of Statistics of Ukraine show that the country has a total storage capacity of 75 million tons, of which 44.5 million tons are owned by agricultural producers.

However, APK-Inform points out that some of this storage capacity is located in conflict zones, which reduces Ukraine’s available storage capacity to about 61 million tonnes. This means that 35% of storage capacity is already occupied by the 2021 harvest.

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“At the same time, the pace of the sowing campaign and weather conditions are helping to improve Ukraine’s grain and oil production estimates, which would further complicate the situation without a proper sale of current reserves,” warns APK-Inform.

Last week, the president of the Comvex port operator, Viorel Panait, announced that the loading of a ship with over 71.00 tons of Ukrainian corn was completed on Thursday in the port of Constanţa on the Black Sea, being the first ship to leave the Romanian port since the invasion of Ukraine. to Russia.

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