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What does the most expensive Duster in the world look like? A German company made spectacular changes to it


In our country, the most expensive Duster arrives today with additional facilities around about 23,000 euros.

However, the most expensive Duster in the world is being sold this spring on the website of the German company Carpoint. The car, named Duster Prestige Carpoint Black Edition, has been dramatically modified in Germany and is sold in a limited edition at a price of 31,990 euros.

The converted vehicle is petrol, has an automatic transmission, 1,332 cc engine and 150 horsepower.

Here are some of the features of the Duster transformed by the Germans: matte black foil (satin black Oracal 970), specially made exhaust system with 2 black exhaust pipes, black 19-inch alloy wheels, ceiling bars, front bars and black back, “Carpoint Edition” side stickers, “Carpoint Edition” stainless steel sills, “Carpoint Edition” velor mats, black LED side indicators.

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The modified duster has matte foil on the rear windows PHOTO: Carpoint

Duster Carpoint Black Edition has heated seats, map navigation system for the whole of the European Union, reversing camera, multi-view camera, on-board computer, automatic air conditioning, brake assist, electric front and rear windows.

It should also be mentioned that on the website of the German company Carpoint there are 15 converted Dacia cars for sale, the cheapest model being a Dacia Stepway sold for 16,190 euros.

Carpoint was established in 2007 and is headquartered in Neukirchen-Vluyn, West Germany.

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What does the most expensive Duster in Europe look like? It was transformed by a German company

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