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Weekly Horoscope May 9-15: Gemini Feel the Need for Home Changes



Emphasis is placed on the financial perspective, financial and material status. Excessive ego can try to find ways to increase revenue by expanding resources, while others may try to accumulate assets for savings or other means of security. Acquiring large debts while purchasing material items can satisfy your ego, or exposing financial generosity could give you a sense of pride.

The results of activities in the financial area could range from proportional prosperity to economic ruin. So, be careful how you manage your money! However, security and growth are not just a financial activity, but focus on the development of material values ​​and obligatory attitudes that promote inner growth, as well as material and psychological security.


The astral aspects will accentuate the intellectual and communication needs. Self-satisfaction can be achieved through learning and teaching, not always in the areas of professional teaching, but through the external expression of ideas and knowledge in conversation or in written form.

Intellectual pursuit can take many forms, and the effort will be rewarded with increased awareness of the personal environment. Lots of conversations, lots of roads, lots of phone calls are waiting for you now, but they draw attention to the news you receive from people. They can be overly optimistic and more promising than promising. When it comes to traveling abroad, I do not recommend them because they can be transformative for you and not always pleasant as experiences.

To the young natives, who are in the fever of the choices of university fields of study, I recommend great responsibility in choosing the faculties, because practically the years of study will test their limits, assumptions and discipline.


The focus of the period is on stimulating the determination of the type of life spent at home. Look for solutions to feel safe there, to find comfort there. Improving all of this actually means improving the tangible features of the home or improving family relationships (or both). Current issues can be an impetus to move to another location or make changes to your home.

Parents, family dynamics and lifestyle are important issues at this time. Change and adjustment is often necessary to meet the emotional needs of any individual, and you are no exception. Sensitive issues or secrets about the past may come to the surface, but as strong emotions overwhelm you, remember that everything is fleeting, that it doesn’t make sense to get angry, but rather to energetically cleanse your space. and find there the balance for tumultuous days. Also, don’t plan on doing too much, because you won’t have the strength to do it all.


Discussions about respect between partners, collaborators or associates appear on the firmament. It is about checking both what comes out of you as information and the perception that those with whom you either have money in common or live together have.

You are subjected to a kind of interrogation which, however, you cope with brilliantly and you manage to reject with argument any hint of possible bad faith on your part. You need to listen actively, be understanding, but at the same time take precautions and make your own checks. You will have surprises and eloquence does not take the place of material objects or even money that is or should be in the common heritage.

The tone of the talks must remain diplomatic, even if it will be colored in places and do not forget the goal of still maintaining the association on the waterline. After all, if your partner has spent a small amount for personal gain, it’s not the biggest drama.

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