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Weekly horoscope June 13 – 19, 2022: Lions prioritize career


ARIES WEEKLY HOROSCOPE: June 13 – 19, 2022

The period can bring success for signing contracts, important meetings and travel. Many will be interested in working with you, so you will receive offers of interesting works and projects that bring benefits. Right now, there are chances to solve your financial problems, so you will be able to expand your capabilities and diversify your life.

It will also be a good time to arrange your personal life, to meet and find a life partner. Relationships started during this period can become stable and lasting.

A fine financial opportunity related to your career will probably come out on the horizon, so stay alert and pay attention to what’s coming your way. This may be money you earn from your own work, but it could also come from outside, for example, from an insurance payment, commission due, compensation, government incentive program, ever-held guarantee, court settlement, or another source.


The knowledge made last month is not reliable and I do not recommend your involvement in new projects yet. Expect rivalries and enemies who can take advantage of any small mistake you make. It is not excluded to be criticized, held accountable, with loss of authority or even money.

The second part of the period helps you to recover easily, although some things still will not be resolved. Instead, you will become more aware and set goals, build relationships more effectively, or act responsibly. Only then will the doors open for new businesses or projects, or even an emotional partnership.

Miraculously, a partner, collaborator or intermediary can come to the rescue. This may be the same person who helped you at the beginning of the month or someone else. Together, you can find the key to unlocking a dilemma. This person will be in the perfect position to help you in your career, plans and organization.


Many of you may be involved in relationships with people who will have their own selfish goals and use your talents and opportunities to deceive you. But you, too, may not be completely objective in evaluations and ask your partners or allies for the impossible.

You may lose your sense of reality and practice and therefore risk financial loss or loss of trust from important people. Likewise, emotional relationships can be complicated, especially since you will find it difficult to understand the other’s feelings and desires.

Therefore, it is better to postpone the resolution of important issues, negotiations, signing agreements until after June 16, when negotiations can be successful.

The demotion of the planets suggests going back to the people you worked with to pave the way for the profession. Developing new business with people who have no history with you will not be as effective and you would waste time insisting in there.


After you have successfully overcome the period of instability so far, you will be able to increase income, gain spiritual strength, reconsider relationships with others. You have important days for meetings, travel, discussions with the authorities, attracting investment. New development opportunities may arise in the professional or public sphere, you may be offered a new job, a higher position in the team, a new project in which to demonstrate your value. Only partnerships can withstand some tension, especially where the other person will be resilient and reluctant to your changes.

From June 15 onwards, unforeseen situations will interfere with your projects and plans, errors and problems that have not been considered before may occur, political and economic changes may come that do not depend only on you, and these will

significantly slow down the activity and dynamics of professional development. So take care when concluding long-term contracts!

LEU WEEKLY HOROSCOPE: June 13 – 19, 2022

Business concerns need to be at the forefront in order to maintain your position and stability in your relationships with your partners. You have to demonstrate your competence, follow a flexible policy, do not get involved in conflicts, do not respond to criticism and challenges. These are the conditions that must be observed in order to benefit from what is happening and to receive moral and material compensations.

You will tend to get involved in social activities, in new plans, but which will distract you from others. Contacts and meetings will help you expand your business, go beyond professional boundaries and, in general, diversify your life.

The potential will increase, your mood will improve, you will become more relaxed, enterprising, brave and without fear of risks. They help you and you can use them as an incentive in business.

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