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Weekly horoscope April 24 – May 1: Gemini makes peace with the past, Aries have problems at work


The weekly horoscope for April 24 – May 1 tells you if you will be successful in your career, what awaits you in terms of health, how good you will be with money, but also with love.

ARIES WEEKLY HOROSCOPE: April 24-May 1, 2022

For you, there will be a few more days in April that you will go through with a weaker energy, with obstacles in business, with misunderstandings and conflicts, fruitless cooperation, and that means stagnation.

Relationships with others can be changeable, unstable, misleading, because misunderstandings are not ruled out. You will already begin to doubt the decisions you have already made. And because the projects related to partners or collaborators can be dubious, subject to change, revision, because things will not be there exactly as you thought, I say take more seriously the contracts and proposals and look for things to be under control. yours, not others.

Professionally, there are changes there, but I’m not saying it’s necessarily bad, it’s just that you may have to work for less money, although the responsibilities may be more.


The most important thing for you is that you look at the past with different eyes. Basically, your vision, your theory will change, and there will be a great change of consciousness that you would not rule out passing on to others. You will be amazed at how you will see the stagnation of energy and the problems of the previous period. Do not become afraid, but stay open to this new opportunity, because it will then abound in creative ideas, will bring you into the position of leader, will lay the foundations for the future.

Take care only in the first part of the week! Until April 24, you will be very determined, attracted by new and advanced ideas, by the possibility to demonstrate your talents in a new professional field. Many of you will be looking for ways to express yourself, you will increase your educational level and professionalism through new learning experiences. For many, however, it will mean a turning point and even a turning point, with giving up, with parting with something or someone.

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