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Weekly horoscope April 18-24, 2022: Gemini have a chance for radical change



The family will be the first place in your spectrum of interests. Relationships with children and parents who will need your attention will become especially important. Don’t worry, from this communication you will receive moral satisfaction and many valuable tips that will be useful in the future. It is especially favorable to spend time with relatives, in a quiet atmosphere, especially on Mondays.

I recommend that you pay attention to your appearance: make changes in your outfit, change your style, hairstyle. If this becomes relevant enough, it will bring a fresh flow into your life.

For single people, the likelihood of significant events in the realm of love is high. This is a good time to meet and strengthen relationships with members of the opposite sex. This week, the chance to meet someone is much higher than in previous months. In your personal life, as well as in other areas, you show your determination and assertiveness. If you like a person, act without delay. Your mystical charm will help you conquer any redoubt.


For those looking for a partner for a long relationship, I recommend paying attention to those men and women with whom you are not connected in a commercial or material interest, but with the attraction of the soul and the appeal of the heart. Ignore financial logic and calculation. Material wealth is not enough to create a happy family and will not bring you the joy of life.

Women will be enterprising, their charm will increase, they will be magnetized and the suitors will not be long in coming. Look for your soul mate not only at holiday parties when they are, but also in traditional places, shops, malls. Do not miss the opportunity to organize your personal life, do not immediately reject the person you do not like at first sight. Talk to him, give him a chance to express himself, and eventually change your mind about him. Also, pay more attention to the man who has been paying attention to you for a long time, understand him, and maybe your happiness is much closer than you thought.

For men, running away from romance will bore them and take away their power and energy.


There will be unprecedented prospects for a radical change of life, to be able to get as close as possible to the dreams that you have left unfulfilled in recent months, at least those related to the emotional side. You should spend more time looking after yourself and even following fashion trends. I recommend you to be active, to get acquainted, to interact with the people you like. Trust your intuition, but exercise caution.

There is a high probability that the feelings will not be ignited with a new acquaintance, but with a person from a very close environment. You are very serious about feelings and relationships, and any romance novel that begins now has good prospects. However, you may have exaggerated desires and expectations, which can lead to disappointment. As long as you stay rational, everything will be fine.


Seek to focus your efforts on clearly defined tasks, and let those around you know what you’re doing — both your work-related colleagues and your family members when it comes to housework. It is important to stay focused because you may have a tendency to immerse yourself in the world, to shy away from responsibilities, and to become selfish.

It’s time to dump her and move on. The right solution would be to officially assume the tasks you are taking on your shoulders and then, after completing those things, schedule a massage or various procedures for your body.

You can successfully change your physical appearance, improve your wardrobe or simply go to a spa. Keep your priorities in mind – otherwise, decisions will mislead certain people who may categorize you as frivolous and withdraw the support they promised for your projects.

LEU WEEKLY HOROSCOPE: April 18-24, 2022

Expressing opinions and opinions is essential, especially since the professional plan is the one that requires you to go out on the ramp and present your personal conclusions about the evolution of certain projects. Although you may be inclined to retreat, even work from home, your superiors want to listen to the experience you have.

The natural tendency is to isolate yourself, to ask for advice from your own mentors, and not to take official positions now. Not necessarily because you are not based on professional expertise, but because you are not very good at self-confidence now. Opt for a middle ground, specify only some relevant comments, but don’t get involved in applying solutions now.

It is a time when you need moments of solitude and consultation with those from whom you have learned, as well as some time to make plans for the future. Consider several options, even starting to look for another job, at least informative.

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