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VIDEO Subaru Outback: Long Term Test – Episode 2


When you socialize a lot more with a model, as is the case with this Subaru Outback in the Adevărul Auto garage for a year, chances are you are in traffic with situations that put systems to work that during a 3-day test you don’t get to see them at work.


And before I take care of everything that is called the active safety system on board this model and watch out to increase your chances of a safe trip, let me tell you a story about the traffic in Bucharest.

Let’s start from the fact that the legislation stipulates that pedestrians must make sure when crossing the pedestrian crossing, not to do so by “reading” the screen of a gadget. Also extremely important, maybe more importantly, the crossing is done on foot … not on a bicycle, electric scooter …

Why? Because the one at the wheel, no matter how vigilant, has a certain reaction time, to which we add the reaction time of the car’s mechanical system … time that is finally converted into distance traveled.

Specifically, one day, somewhere around noon, I was on Calea Floreasca, at the intersection with Glinka Mihail Street. The first band has an intermittent green, which allows you to turn right to reach the bearded Văcărescu. On the second lane was a car stopped at a traffic light that obviously limited visibility on the way. I get to the crossing, I stop, I make sure, there was no one on the crossing anywhere, my gaze is already running to the right-hand crossing to make sure that no one is preparing to cross, I start, at which point the car brakes on its own. Obviously, taken by surprise by the emergency brake, as well as my body … I look up and in front of the car I see a 12-14 year old girl crossing on an electric scooter, having somewhere around 15-20 km / h.

He was actually flying across the aisle. Imagine this scenario on any pedestrian crossing and the outcome will be almost the same, you will hit a child on the pedestrian crossing. Questions like: Who is to blame? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

The EyeSight system is standard on all Subaru models, regardless of engine. A system that includes adaptive cruise control with the warning function when the front car starts moving, maintaining the tread, avoiding winding on the tread, warning when leaving the tread. In the event of a potential impact, the system brakes automatically, controls the response of the accelerator pedal and steering.

Subaru introduced the EyeSight system in the spring of 2008, with the central element of the system being the stereo video camera system. The system has been found in some models since 2010, only in Japan, in Australia it was introduced in 2011, and in America it debuted in 2012 on Legacy and Outback models. An important evolution of the system was introduced in 2013 when color video cameras were introduced, so that the system can recognize the brake lights of the vehicle in front or the red color of the traffic light. Statistically, it was found that the system leads to an 85% reduction in collisions with the front vehicle, collisions resulting in injuries to car occupants.

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A plus of the EyeSight system is that when driving, for example, on a county road that is not marked at the side of the road, on the right, it identifies that there is a difference between the uniformity of the tread and what is on the right and can establish a virtual demarcation band.

The warning function when the vehicle in front has started is also useful. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

The treadmill system is also extremely comfortable. It protects you from the emotions encountered in other systems that take a lane as a landmark – either the left or the right, to be too close to traffic on the opposite direction or objects on the side of the road. When the tread is wider, the system has enough degrees of freedom not to interfere with the steering wheel. When running on a very narrow strip, you will feel the minor corrections made by the system a little more often.

The automatic braking system is less intrusive, it will sound a small alarm if it notices that you are approaching the vehicle in front a little faster, and it will only brake at the last minute. It’s nice that you can choose from the infotainment system menu what kind of alert you want to receive. Sound, sound and visual.

Much more intrusive and vigilant is the system that monitors the driver’s attention. I found that the system only tolerates looking in the side mirrors, and even there it doesn’t let you look like an episode of your favorite series. As it detects that your gaze has a different target than the road, you will receive alerts on the dashboard display. A little irritating at the “first use”, but to get rid of the alerts you find that you are educated and only look at the road, which is an extra safety behind the wheel.

Subaru uses facial recognition to create a driver profile, which ranges from memorizing driving position to selecting radio stations, or settings for connecting to Wi-Fi networks. But we will explore this detail in another material.

In some cases, the EyeSight system may reduce the response of the accelerator pedal. One of these cases looks like this: You’re on a side street, you want to get on the boulevard, you’re in a column. The car in front is turning right on the boulevard, you are preparing to turn right and you are looking to the left to see when you find a traffic breach to register. But all the while, the car in front turned right but stopped for various reasons two or three meters ahead, but you didn’t notice. If you accelerate without noticing the obstacle, the car will dramatically reduce the acceleration response to almost zero to significantly reduce the force of the impact. All this in conjunction with the fact that the system detects the fact that you, the one behind the wheel, are not looking ahead.

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Another element that I would like to mention in the chapter on active safety systems is the LED headlights with matrix. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Subaru Outback headlights aint for me either. They have the function of a matrix, that of cutting the car in front or in the opposite direction in a long phase and of tracking the car cut dynamically. The headlights also have the function of cornering, dynamic cornering lighting.

Symmetrical AWD is another feature that I will also check in terms of safety. And I do this for the simple reason that we are talking about a permanent all-wheel drive, a system that does not vary the ratio of engine torque between the axles, is fixed. Therefore the car, at the limit will always react identically, you will not have a traction or a propulsion that depending on what a computer decides turns into all-wheel drive.

In 2021 the Subaru Outback was considered by Euro NCAP the safest model tested.

Meanwhile, the car has accumulated 6,500 km since it has been with us, it has undergone a first overhaul. That new car overhaul that is done at 5,000 km and in which the oil and the oil filter have been changed. Certainly both the engine and the transmission have lost their way to the new model. The car feels more casual.

Urban consumption remains at 11-12 liters. And extraurban, on the long road, it stabilized at 6.2 liters.

I also ran to Euromaster where I changed the winter tires – Alpine Pilot 5 ZP SUV Runflat with the summer ones. After a winter in which we covered about 5,000 km with winter tires, they say they are new. Uniform wear favored by all-wheel drive. And here I would add the fact that Outabck is not that Subaru that will tempt you to be aggressive behind the wheel.

The next episode will be dedicated to life on board the car, the degree of comfort offered on the road.

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