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US Stellantis Group Division Accused of Criminal Conspiracy in Diesel Emission Test Fraud Investigation


Reuters reported last week that the US FCA, now part of Stellantis, had agreed to plead guilty to a criminal conspiracy charge as a result of its efforts to evade emissions requirements for more than 100,000 older Ram trucks and SUVs. Jeep in its US range, and would pay penalties of about $ 300 million.

U.S. District Judge Nancy G. Edmunds of Detroit has set a hearing to plead guilty to the US FCA on Friday.

Government criminal charges accuse US FCA of conspiracy to defraud US for violating clean air law and committing computer fraud

The carmaker allegedly misled the US regulators and sold the vehicles “knowing that those vehicles did not meet US emissions standards” and also misled customers “by making false and misleading statements”.

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Stellantis declined to comment.

The government said the confiscated property of the US FCA was $ 203.6 million. The US FCA is also expected to pay a penalty of about $ 96 million as part of the deal.

The impending indictment is the latest significant action by US officials against FCA emissions fraud.

The affected diesel vehicles are part of the 2014-2016 models.

FCA merged with French manufacturer Peugeot PSA in 2021 to form Stellantis.

The guilty plea comes five years after the Volkswagen Group pleaded guilty to criminal charges to solve its own emissions crisis, which affected nearly 600,000 vehicles, in a scandal that became known as “Dieselgate” .

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Volkswagen’s scam has precipitated further scrutiny that has led officials on both sides of the Atlantic to penalize carmakers accused of using illegal software known as a defeating device to defraud government emissions testing.

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