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Unprecedented advice a century ago for a successful meal: “Set aside idiots and snobs and put healthy stomach owners and nice women on the list.”


And the preface of the book is a special one, Henriette Krupenski Sturdza giving special and funny tips to give a wonderful “meal”.

Here is what Lucia Sturdza Bulandra’s cousin wrote: “First of all, you are sorting out the guests; put aside: idiots, snobs, boasters, bad mouths, and put on the list a few cheerful, good-natured, sincere comrades, owners of healthy and benevolent stomachs, and nice women. You install guests around a round or oval table, not a square one, because it is “refractory” to the general conversation. Tell them the menu in advance, so that they can eat only what everyone likes, so that they can reserve … Few appetizers, because, contrary to their purpose, they close the appetite, and if you are not hungry, there is nothing pleasant, no matter how good would be. No brandy at all (in my opinion one!) Or wine! But in this case, I’m afraid the guests will be eclipsed! ”

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In an amusing tone, Henriette Krupenski Sturdza presents a recipe for goose plaque, with a few caveats.

“It simply came to our notice then. Pieces of fried chicken, then boiled with water, vegetables and salt and pepper. When the meat was almost ready, the vegetables were removed, the best rice was added, the onion was fried with butter and it was boiled until the rice swelled well, then it was rolled or in the oven to be rolled on top and served in her tray so as not to spoil her beautiful and appetizing face. Today, after such a meal, the doctor should, of course, be brought! ”, Writes the author of the original cookbook.

Henriette Krupenski Sturdza also inserts a joke recipe in her book, entitled “The Impossible Recipe”: who swallowed an olive tree !! ”

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The author of the book came from a famous family. Ernest Sturdza, his father, was a well-known lawyer in Bacau, and Vasile Sturdza, his grandfather, was the first prime minister of Moldova after Cuza was elected ruler, holding the position of president of the High Court of Cassation.

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