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Unknown things about Jill Biden. She fought for her husband


1. He is said to enjoy pranks, and sometimes leaves a plastic rat on the podium where Joe speaks. “When things get too serious, I like to add a little humor,” Jill said, according to Americanonews.

Joke is a joke, but when things get serious, Jill Biden has amazing reflexes and courage. The best proof is the moment when she jumped to defend her husband from the anger of some protesters, while Biden was giving a speech.

2. Jill Biden has been married once before. After graduating from high school in 1969, she set out to study fashion at a college in Pennsylvania. It was during this time that he met his first love. They both decided to go to the University of Delaware, where Jill majored in English. The couple married in 1970, but the couple broke up during their years of study.

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3. In 1977, two years after they met, the two married. Joe had to ask her to be his wife 5 times before Jill agreed.

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