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Ukrainian refugees bring economic benefits to Poland. Their arrival helped increase sales, from footwear to groceries


According to the quoted source, Poland has borne most of the costs, accepting more than three million Ukrainian refugees since February 24. As most of them – a group consisting mainly of women, children and the elderly – had few personal items, their arrival helped increase sales, from footwear to groceries, informs Agerpres.

These developments have offset other economic difficulties caused by the war and are likely to help Poland perform better in the first quarter of this year, according to a Bloomberg study. Eurostat data show that Poland recorded an economic advance of 9.1% in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021, surpassed only by Portugal (11.9%).

“Although the flow of Ukrainian refugees to Poland will result in considerable short-term fiscal costs, we believe that the impetus for long-term economic potential will more than make up for it,” said Mateusz Urban, an economist at Oxford Economics.

The governor of the Central Bank of Poland, Adam Glapinski, said that demand from Ukrainian buyers accounted for almost half of the recent increase in consumer spending, supporting the advance of the Polish economy.

“These consumers have their own funds, brought from Ukraine. They also receive funds from us, which they spend immediately, they do not save, but they spend on products of strict necessity, “Glapinski explained.

Other countries in the region are also experiencing an influx of Ukrainian refugees, but at a much lower level than in Poland.

The situation in Romania

In our country, Ukrainians were in March the largest group of foreign buyers based on card payments, according to Global Payments. EIn March, they spent 4.2 million lei ($ 900,000) on nearly 34,000 transactions, mostly on products purchased from supermarkets and pharmacies. They also paid for fuel, engine oil, clothing or accommodation, according to Global Payments data.

On the other hand, demand from new consumers and emergency government spending add to inflationary pressures, which have already risen as a result of rising commodity prices and disruptions in supply chains.

The Central Bank of Poland has raised interest rates over the past eight months to counter rising inflation. In Romania, the inflation rate is at the highest level in the last two decades.

These developments have fueled demands for higher wages in countries facing labor shortages – another aspect of the economy where the flow of Ukrainian refugees could help alleviate the deficit.

Pawel Dobrowolski, chief economist at the Polish state investment fund PFR, estimates that 300,000 Ukrainians have already found work in Poland. This “is not a significant number for an economy the size of Poland,” Dobrowolski said.

In Romania, a number of 759 Ukrainian citizens registered in the records of the territorial agencies subordinated to the National Agency for Employment (ANOFM) in order to benefit from information, counseling and mediation services on the labor market.

Of these, 458 are newly employed on the labor market through ANOFM.

Occupations of employed Ukrainian citizens are: car wiring manufacturers, car industry specialists, textile industry workers, construction workers, violinist, driver, Horeca trades, sales representatives, fishermen, confectioner, pedagogue, car mechanics, IT, pastry chefs, packers, chefs, data processing operators, hairdressers, manicurists, beauticians, green space caretakers, cargo handlers, food industry workers, unskilled electricity workers, unskilled road maintenance workers, textile chemist, car sales worker, car operator, social worker, translators , aircraft industry workers, dental technician, engineer, architect manager, design engineer, unskilled non-ferrous metal worker, ship engineer, sales manager, quality controller, plastics operators, social parent.

At the same time, 271 employers expressed their readiness to employ Ukrainian citizens, declaring 4,079 vacancies available for these people.

Most Ukrainian refugee citizens registered in the AJOFM / AMOFM Bucharest records were in the counties: Arad (104), Suceava (74), Bihor (69), Bistriţa-Năsăud (67), Timiş (59) Bucharest (48), etc. .

The main areas of activity for job vacancies declared by employers are:

– restaurant; manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment for motor vehicles and motor vehicles; manufacture of other wearing apparel (excluding underwear); furniture manufacturing; manufacture of other electrical and electronic wires and cables; footwear manufacturing; and so on

for the following trades:

– unskilled workers in different fields of activity; manual packer; confectioner-assembler of textile articles; kitchen worker; waiter help etc.

Please note that the database is dynamic, being updated periodically depending on the jobs declared by employers, the validity of the offers, as well as the number of assignments issued for employment.

“Ukrainian citizens can be employed without a work permit, they can also benefit from measures to stimulate employment, as well as protection under the unemployment insurance system, under the conditions provided by law for Romanian citizens, provided they register at the county employment agencies, respectively the Bucharest municipality.

We specify that ANOFM offers to the registered Ukrainian citizens the following free services: information and professional counseling, employment mediation, professional training, EURES assistance services “, also show the representatives of the Agency.

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