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Ukraine’s grain exports, affected by extremely high taxes in the Danube ports


With Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea blocked by Russia, grain exporters seeking to use the Danube ports are facing a rapid and unjustified increase in tariffs, Interior Ministry adviser Vadym Denysenko said on Tuesday, Reuters reports.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion on February 24, Ukraine has been forced to redirect its grain exports by rail to the western border or to small ports on the Danube.

Before the start of the war, the fee for transhipment of grain to the ports of Reni and Izmail was $ 5-6 per tonne, and after hostilities began it rose to $ 12 per tonne, Vadym Denysenko wrote on his Facebook page. He added that in April the tax rose to $ 15 per tonne and for May a tax of $ 20 per tonne was announced.

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I understand the gain, but a fourfold increase is no longer a market, it is blackmail, “Denysenko said.

Traders confirmed the increase but did not specify the exact prices, while port authorities say they do not have the exact price level, which is “set by commercial structures”.

“We are talking about the importance of exports, but unfortunately all this turns out for some to be an opportunity to make money and not an opportunity to help the economy in some way,” Denysenko said.

The Ministry of Agriculture in Kyiv announced last week that Ukraine exported 763,000 tons of grain in the first 29 days of April, up from 2.8 million tons in April last year.

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But Denysenko says little has been done to improve export conditions and “the market is becoming a monopoly.”

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