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Ukraine International Airlines leases planes to Latvian airBaltic operator to mitigate war impact


The company ceased operations on February 24 after Russia invaded Ukraine, targeting airports and other critical infrastructure and prompting the Kyiv government to introduce martial law and close its commercial aviation airspace.

“From May 1, Ukrainian aircraft and crews will be based at Riga airport to serve the network of partner flights,” the UIA said in a statement.

Martin Gauss, CEO of airBaltic, said in a separate statement that by temporarily leasing UIA aircraft, his company will also provide short-term jobs to UIA employees.

“Ukraine International Airlines has been a long-term reliable partner of airBaltic,” he said.

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Prior to the invasion, the UIA had approximately 1,300 employees and operated a fleet of 25 aircraft, including Boeing 777-200ER and Boeing 767-300ER long-haul aircraft, and 16 Boeing medium-haul 737 New Generation aircraft. .

The agreement is an arrangement whereby the lessor maintains operational control of flights while providing aircraft and crew.

The Ukrainian company said that four crews – 28 people in total – will be involved in the operational activity of UIA aircraft on the partner’s routes.

The aircraft will operate flights keeping the color and corporate image of the UIA, as well as the crews.

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“We are sincerely pleased that our European partners are helping both the Ukrainian state and the business with clear, absolutely transparent support for Ukraine,” said Evheniy Dykhne, CEO of the UIA.

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