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Two new premium burgers created by Chef Foa on the McDonald’s menu – Epic Beef and Chicken Legend


At the same time, the campaign consolidates and expands McDonald’s collaboration with the well-known chef, Foa being invited for the third time to create premium burgers with the Mec team and to propose a new adventure for consumers. So, after two series of Foa burgers, successfully launched by the fast-food restaurant chain in the summer and fall of last year, spring comes with new delicious combinations and new legends for burger fans. McDonald’s Promise with Chef Foa? Outstanding culinary quality and a delicious experience that satisfies customers’ need for tasty products, quality ingredients and a diverse menu.

What do the two burgers bring?

Epic Beef – an epic beef burger – includes a juicy slice of meat placed on a salad bed, along with grilled garlic and tomato sauces, crispy bacon, cheddar cheese and sliced ​​tomatoes, all placed in a bun. fluffy. For those who prefer a lighter taste, Chicken Legend – the legendary chicken burger – places a tender slice of meat wrapped in cornflakes on a salad bed, accompanied by a fresh mix of vegetables, baked tomato sauce on grill and ranch sauce, along with cream cheese and slices of tomato, in a bun sprinkled with corn.

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Burgers “test friends

To test the reception of new burgers in restaurants, McDonald’s and Chef Foa have this time proposed a unique tasting with friends: demanding fans and loyal Mec customers. The tasting took place during an event organized simultaneously in 4 McDonald’s restaurants in the country, in Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca and Iasi. Here, at a large table, connected LIVE via LCD screens located in each of the 4 locations, 35 Mec customers met live, at the table, with Chef Foa, to test the new burgers and respond to the mood with a honest review, like between friends.

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Epic Beef and Chicken Legend are available on the McDonald’s menu at all 92 Mec restaurants in the country until June 9, while stocks last. A generous amount of time to taste the new burger and test the original recipes proposed by Chef Foa.

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