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Trends in organizing a wedding. What dresses, make-up, hair-styling, flowers, decorations and elements of organization will be worn in 2022


“After a period of 2 years in which events were restricted or postponed, the 2022 season marks the return of grandiose events, and this can be seen in the trends for wedding dresses. Spectacular embroideries are the most sought after by future brides, as they offer a special glow and resonate perfectly with the uniqueness of the event. They are also our favorites – 3D manual applications and precious accessories such as handmade pearls or fringes have become our stylistic signature over time. For romantic brides, the silk veil remains in the top of the choice, highlighted by various manual applications or decorative accents, such as ostrich flakes, offering an extra preciousness. As for this season’s favorite silhouettes, the A-line dress and the mermaid dress are still among the most sought after models, but at the same time, there are more and more brides who want something different, something to represents more personal style, and then opts for the extremely current version of impeccably tailored costume, with elements, again, precious and sophisticated. “, reveals Andreea Mărcuţă, Creative Director M.Marquise who has daily contact with dozens of brides whose dreams and weddings have been postponed or rescheduled for pandemic reasons.

Bridal bouquets with symbolism and storytelling, from her favorite flowers or colors, from flowers in the chromatic of the decor or from a variety of types of smaller or larger flowers, creatively arranged in a discreet, flowing or imposing shape, all are variants proposed by the international master florist Nicu The boot for brides in 2022. “The favorite colors for bridal bouquets remain white and pastels, but also the accentuated ones such as red, orange or yellow have their fans among the future bride and groom. It is difficult to talk about trends in the bride’s bouquet, because many subjective factors intervene here, not only aesthetic ones. A bouquet of fresh and fragrant lilac, fragile lilacs or yard roses can be as appreciated and impactful as a more sophisticated one, made of exotic flowers, it all depends on your preferences and the story you want the flowers to tell. “, Considers Nicu Bocancea, the most awarded Romanian master florist internationally.

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Hairstyle and make-up must together form that accessory that highlights the beauty and happiness of the bride on the most important day of her life: “On the wedding day we need clean, shiny, elastic hair with natural curls or an elegant and impeccably finished bun. Braids can give a wow effect, even if they are timeless in appearance and effect. I do not recommend excessive volume or typing in the hairstyle, everything should be as simple, elegant, comfortable to wear and look. What I think is most important is that brides take into account the “hairstyle test”, that visit to the salon after which the color, haircut, wedding day hairstyle are established, for the least unpredictable and a minimum of stress on the wedding day which is so hectic and full of countless worries. ”, considers Adrian Perjovschi, top hair stylist, ready, together with his beauty team, to respond promptly and creatively to any request that would appear for a dream wedding.

No-limit parties, until the morning, with guests from abroad, an avalanche of themed live moments, surprise moments cake decorated live by the main characters, bride and groom relieved of any worries, a well-developed developer are part of the “must have” a wedding in 2022.

“The weddings of 2022 will look great, with details matching the style of the location from crockery, cutlery and glasses, to outfits, photo-corners, bars, themed corners and unfolding with live moments, until the morning. The bride and groom think more than ever how to surprise their guests and live together an unforgettable evening and thus reach several artistic moments, and the theme of an organizer is to be the link between all suppliers so that we do not discover problems on the day of the event. could be foreseen. The first part of the day also gets more important in the eyes of the brides. It is also organized in the smallest detail: from the detection of a private and exclusive setting in which to prepare the hair and make-up for the bride, to the dedication of special moments with the ladies of the family – mother, mother-in-law, godmother and bridesmaids – so the “girls’ moments” turn into the icing on the cake on the morning of the wedding and atypical situations that may arise in such an event. The floral arrangements at the wedding location, the decorations built, the photo-corners, the geometry of the dishes, cutlery and glasses, the details on the table, all together must create, according to specialists, a unitary whole, a beautiful story told in several voices, but compatible with each other. “The ideal atmosphere from our point of view is created from details and personalization. Whether it is a frame that is intended to be glam, romantic, industrial or rustic, the accents can be given from the natural materials used in the decorations, from the play of lights, from the suspended or flowing constructions, from all kinds of combinations from twigs, candles, custom vessels. Every meeting with a bride is like a new story that begins to be written uniquely and together we end up creating a personalized and inimitable context on the wedding day, as is every love story “, underlines Nicu Bocancea, the artist who signed creative on some of the most titled weddings in Romania and beyond.

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