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Trends in interior design


Depending on how the light is used, an interior designer can create an elegant home, or a sumptuous room, or simply a chic and bohemian room.

Light is the key factor that should be used wisely when deciding to decorate or redecorate your home. The solutions are the most ingenious: placing the mirrors in specific points of a room, using certain colors for the walls, choosing the right furniture, etc.

In terms of lighting fixtures, the wider the range from which you can choose, the more specific the needs of each person. Likewise, the characteristics of each room in your home may differ fundamentally from the characteristics of your neighbor’s home, for example.

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Alessandrodesign.ro – modern lighting fixtures with LED bulbs

Understanding these two aspects, the online shop alessandrodesign.ro has constantly diversified its collection of lighting fixtures, reaching today to offer its customers over 1000 different lighting fixtures.

Chandeliers and Chandeliers with Crystals

A fashion trend, whether we are talking about clothes or interior design, is the return to values ​​of the past, so that the baroque or rococo have become current again in these years marked by minimalism and over-technology.

And if you want to arrange your home in an elegant and sumptuous style, you will need an imposing chandelier. In the collection of chandeliers and crystals you will find different models of luxurious chandeliers, but also crystal chandeliers, elegant and modern. And technology has its special place, the light sources being economical LEDs.

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LED chandelier

Modern technology today allows the most diverse solutions to suit your room to your liking. LED chandeliers are practical, elegant and fit into a modern home with minimalist furniture. On alessandrodesign.ro you can find a wide range of LED chandeliers, of different shapes and geometries.

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