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Transport Officer: Work begins on the DN21 – Drajna passage. It will be part of the future TransRegio Brăila – Slobozia – Călăraşi – Chiciu road


According to the official, a “strong” start of the works can be observed.

„Strong start of the works at the upper uneven passage DN21 – Drajna (Drum Trans – Regio Brăila – Slobozia – Călăraşi – Chiciu). We remind you that the site of this work was handed over to the builder on January 11, this year.

It is about the realization of an over-crossing on DN21, with a length of 2.7 km, and the passage itself will extend on 305 m. The passage will also cross DN 3A Lehliu – Feteşti, national road parallel to CF 800. “, The secretary of state transmitted on his Facebook page.

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According to the quoted source, of the 214 pilots required for the passage, 57 have already been drilled, armed and poured.

Also, so far, 45% of the ballast columns needed to consolidate the foundation land have been executed, respectively 902 of the 1969 columns. They have a diameter of 500 mm and a depth of 9 m.

“We are working on the diversion of the 2 water pipes with a diameter of 1000 mm, in order to allow the passage to be made. The first screed, which is between CF and DN3, was armed, formworked and cast. And we are working on the reinforcement of two more erasures “, added Ionel Scrioşteanu.

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The Drajna passage will be an integral part of the future TransRegio (TR ISTER) Brăila-Slobozia-Călăraşi-Chiciu road, of approximately 142 km, of which 35 kilometers are on the territory of Ialomiţa county.

“The value of the investment is over 98 million lei, excluding VAT, from non-reimbursable external funds, and the execution term is 1 year and a half. But, since the designation of the winning company, I talked to its management, which assumed that it will complete the passage before the term provided in the contract “, Ionel Scrioşteanu specified.

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