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Tourist access, prohibited in Thassos. Which beaches can no longer be reached?

thassos pixabay photo

Prohibited access to forest areas in the island of Thassos due to the risk of fire PHOTO pixabay.com

More restrictions are in effect for tourists arriving in Greece starting Monday, August 8. The authorities have forbidden access due to the risk of fire.

As of Monday, August 8, access to the forest areas of the island of Thassos is prohibited due to the risk of fire, ziare.com announces.

As a result, traffic is not allowed on the road Makryammos-Golden Beach and Laimos-Teatrul Antic. Tourists will no longer be able to reach Marble Beach, Porto Vathy, Paradise.

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Traffic is also limited on the following forest roads:

St. Panteleímonas – Ag. Marine;

Potamiá – Pigés Potamiás;

Theológos to Kamíni;


Mariés-Marión Dam;

Mikró Kazavíti- St. Pantelimon


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