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Tourism recovers in Europe: Hotel chains and airlines announce a return to pre-pandemic bookings


However, difficulties remain, due to rising costs and staff shortages, leading to the cancellation of some flights. Despite these problems, airlines expect a return to profitability.

“The demand is high, people want to see their families and travel again,” said Phil Seymour, chairman of the British group IBA, informs Agerpres.

According to the quoted source, on Friday, IAG, British Airways owner has announced that it expects to make a profit in the second quarter, but also for this year as a whole.. The company reduced its capacity in the first quarter to avoid disruption.

“Premium travel continues to be the best performing segment, and business travel is at its highest level since the beginning of the pandemic,” said IAG CEO Luis Gallego.

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The IAG, which also owns Iberia, Vueling and Aer Lingus, said the easing of restrictions imposed by the authorities had led to improved demand, especially in the UK, while Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “did not have a significant impact”.

German airline Lufthansa also hopes to make a profit this quarter, following increased travel demand after easing restrictions.

Franco-Dutch group Air France-KLM sees a recovery in summer ticket sales and solid bookings.

The recovery is driven by short journeys, with tourists remaining cautious about long-distance routes.

IHG, The owner of the Holiday Inn, announced that in the first quarter there was an increase in prices and demand for hotel rooms.

Rival Marriott International expects revenue to rise this year.

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Another indication of the increase in demand comes from Amadeus, the Spanish company that operates the largest global system for booking tourist services. The company processed nearly 92 million bookings in the first quarter, an advance of more than 50% from pre-pandemic levels, according to Reuters.

High inflation and war will delay travel recovery rather than derail it, said David Goodger, director of the British consulting firm Tourism Economics.

He added: “We expect domestic tourism to exceed 2019 levels by 2022, while international travel will recover significantly.”

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