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The transit of Russian gas to Europe through one of the Ukrainian stations may stop on May 11. Moldova has not received notifications about this situation


The day before, the Ukrainian GTS operator announced that from May 11 it would stop the transit of gas to Europe through the Sohranivka station due to force majeure circumstances – the company could not have exercised control over the Novopskov border compression station in the Lugansk region. In this sense, the nominations for transport will be rejected and the gas will not be accepted.

Ukraine’s state-owned oil and gas production company, NJSC Naftogaz Ukrainy, has also notified Gazprom that if gas continues to be supplied from Russia to Sohranivka, volumes at GTS exits will be Ukraine will be reduced accordingly.

However, the Russian gas holding company saw no reason to stop pumping in the previous way and reported that it had not received any confirmation of the circumstances of this case of force majeure. At OGTSU’s proposal to transfer all transit volumes to another point of entry for Russian transit gas – the largest Sudzha gas distribution station in the Kursk region – Gazprom noted that it is technologically impossible to do so. the basis of the Russian flow chart. In addition, the distribution of transit volumes is clearly specified in the current agreement, and “the Ukrainian side is very aware of this.”

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Gazprom also reiterated that it fully fulfills all its obligations to European consumers and supplies transit gas in accordance with the contract, and transit services are fully paid for.

There is now a transit agreement between Moscow and Kyiv, which provides for the transportation of 40 billion cubic meters of Russian gas through the territory of Ukraine annually from 2021 to 2024. The transit arrangement involves a “pump or pay” principle, which transit charges for the amount of capacity reserved, even if the actual pumping is lower.

The transit of Russian gas to Europe through the Ukrainian gas transmission system last year was about 41.66 billion cubic meters. At the same time, the Russian holding company has not ordered for nine months additional capacities for the transit of natural gas through Ukraine, which are put up for reservation auctions in addition to those established in the contract. And recently, these tenders were completely canceled due to the “GTS Operator of Ukraine”.

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In this context, Vadim Cheban, chairman of the board of the Moldovagaz gas distribution company, said on Tuesday on his Telegram channel that gas supplies to the republic are being made normally and that Moldova, which could be affected by such a has not received official notifications from Ukraine and the Russian Federation about limiting gas supplies.

“SA Moldovagaz has not received any official notification from PJSC Gazprom and OGTS of Ukraine regarding the restriction of the supply of natural gas at the points of the intersection of gas transmission systems Alekseevka and Grebeniki. The gas supply to the Republic of Moldova is carried out in the normal way “, informed Cheban.

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