Home News The sowing campaign began in 11 regions of Ukraine

The sowing campaign began in 11 regions of Ukraine


“The sowing season has already begun in 11 regions of our country. The state has given farmers funds to buy everything they need, everything they need: 0% loans, state guarantees to banks, fuel,” he told a Cabinet meeting. by ministers on Tuesday. `We will support farmers and exports and now we will actively expand this area, because the country needs to win.” According to him, after last year’s sowing campaign, there are strategic food reserves for several years.

As the head of government pointed out, this is the first meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on February 24, which was openly held. He also stressed that Ukraine “is forever disconnected from the energy networks of Russia and Belarus.” “All types of generation are working, there is coal in storage, gas – 9 billion cubic meters in storage,” the prime minister said. “We have reached agreements with European oil refineries so that the country can be supplied with fuel; thousands of tons of fuel are already going to Ukraine, “he added.

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Earlier, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the country could face problems in exporting agricultural products because it could not start the sowing campaign. In his address to the Italian Parliament, he warned of a possible food shortage in several states.

On March 23, Taras Vysotsky, Ukraine’s deputy prime minister for agricultural and food policy, announced that the sowing campaign had begun.

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