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The new luxury submarine in which 120 guests will be able to spend PHOTO


With a length of about 35 m, it can dive up to 198 meters and is created to host “the most prestigious events on the planet.”

With a generous interior of almost 500 square meters, it can be configured to fit a 64-seat restaurant, a fitness room, a casino or a wedding hall.

The submarine will also provide a deck that guests can use to admire the coastal landscape or sunbathe while the submarine is in port or floating on the surface.

Designed and built by the Dutch company U-Boat Worx, which specializes in private and commercial submarines, it aims to come up with a concept that will “shake up the hospitality industry”.

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The submarine has 14 large windows inside a pressurized cabin, and outside it has lights to allow guests to admire the deep marine spectacle.

“UWEP will shake up the hospitality industry and be at the forefront of custom underwater events,” said Dutch company founder and CEO Bert Houtman.

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