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The MOL Group is building one of the largest green hydrogen plants in Europe, in Hungary


“The MOL Group has partnered with Plug Power Inc., one of the world’s leading providers of hydrogen-based solutions for the green economy, to build one of the largest green hydrogen plants in Europe at the Danube Refinery, owned by the Group. MOL in Hungary, at Százhalombatta. Green hydrogen will contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint generated by the operations at the Danube Refinery, facilitating the transition to the development of long-term emission-free mobility solutions “, the group announced, News.ro reports.

Using a 10 MW Power Plug electrolysis plant, the 22 million euro MOL plant will be able to produce approximately 1,600 tonnes of green, clean, carbon-neutral hydrogen and, consequently, annually, more than 25,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide generated by the gas-fired production process will be avoided.

Given that this process generates one-sixth of the carbon dioxide emissions at the level of the MOL Group, this investment contributes to achieving the company’s goal of becoming neutral in terms of carbon emissions, also facilitating the increase of energy independence in the region. .

As soon as the plant becomes operational in 2023, MOL will use the green hydrogen from the Danube Refinery in its own fuel production process. Green hydrogen will be incorporated into the molecules of MOL fuels, reducing the amount of carbon emissions generated by both the processing technology used and the finished product.

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“We are convinced that hydrogen is not only one of the most important sources of energy we are already using in the process of energy transition, but it is an essential element of the new energy system without carbon dioxide emissions. This new technology allows us to start producing green hydrogen at Százhalombatta, and MOL can thus become one of the most important players in a regionally sustainable energy economy, ”says Gabriel Szabó, MOL Group’s Downstream Executive Vice President.

The source said that the production of green hydrogen does not generate any greenhouse gases: the Plug Power equipment uses electricity from a renewable source to decompose water into oxygen and hydrogen, through a process called electrolysis.

This process does not generate any by-products that could have negative effects on the environment and, in addition, to produce a ton of hydrogen, the equipment has the capacity to release 8-9 tons of pure oxygen, also contributing to the saving of about 10,000 tons. natural gas that would have been needed for this process.

Plug electrolyzers, with nearly 50 years of operational experience in high-reliability applications, are modular, scalable hydrogen generators optimized for clean hydrogen production.

Plug is the company that developed the first and most complex hydrogen production ecosystem, the Green Hydrogen Ecosystem, developing solutions to help companies transition to green energy so that they can improve their business processes and become more efficient and sustainable. . Plug’s independent green hydrogen production network aims to generate 70 tonnes per day by the end of 2022 and maintain production plans at 500 tonnes of green hydrogen per day by 2025 in North America and a production of 1,000 tons per day, globally, until 2028.

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Green hydrogen production is part of the MOL Group’s updated SHAPE TOMORROW strategy, which focuses on sustainability and is harmonized with the European Green Pact. In this context, the company has planned a total investment of one billion euros for the development of technologies that will help reduce or neutralize carbon emissions by 2025. T

As part of this strategy, by 2030, MOL will reduce the carbon footprint associated with its operations by 30% and direct 50% of total investment to sustainable projects. Moreover, MOL aims to make its operations completely carbon neutral by 2050.

The MOL Group is an integrated international oil, gas, petrochemical and retail company headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. It has operations in more than 30 countries and 25,000 employees worldwide.

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