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The head of the Atomic Energy Agency is urging Kiev and Moscow to allow inspections at the Zaporozhye power plant. “At Chernobyl the situation seems to have stabilized”


According to the quoted source, in front of the subcommittee on security and defense of the European Parliament, the Argentine diplomat explained that his “concern” regarding the nuclear safety of Ukraine is focused on this plant, the largest in Europe, after the situation in Chernobyl stabilized and stressed that “there are a number of activities that experts need to do there and are not allowed to do.”

“The nuclear power plant carries out activities that require from time to time a physical inventory and supervision works inside the plant. Without them, we cannot tell the international community where the nuclear material is or what is happening to it, “Grossi said.

He said he had recently denied that Ukraine was developing nuclear weapons “simply because it could be objectively confirmed that there were no deviations from the nuclear material.”

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But, he added, “not being able to go and inspect the possibility of accusations or doubts in the future is a real danger” and “something that must be taken very seriously.”

“I told my Ukrainian colleagues and they are in constant contact with the experts and the Russian Government (…). I told them they had to allow the IAEA experts to go to Zaporozhye, “Grossi said.

The director of the IAEA also described the situation as “schizophrenic”, as Ukraine and Russia allow an expert mission to the plant “only under their supervision”, which is why he is looking with the two sides for a format that would allow access to experts so Kyiv as well as Moscow.

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In addition to inspecting the radioactive material, Grossi said the agency must look into possible conflicts arising from the fact that the plant continues to be operated by Ukrainian and Russian experts, and that the operation “is not entirely clear.”

“It’s something that goes against any security principle…. .

As for Chernobyl, the Argentine noted that “the situation seems to have stabilized” and, although the IAEA conclusions indicate that the radiation level “has increased”, this does not lead to a “dangerous” scenario.

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