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The flight attendant who helps Romanians stay healthy through a popular sport: Indoor Cycling


Melania Pop (37 years old) is a flight attendant at a well-known Romanian airline. She attended the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and comes from a family of athletes from Galaţi, her father being an athlete. As a child, she became acquainted with training camps and competitions, and then she also practiced performance sports.


“Sport is part of my life. It is now my lifestyle “, says the young woman, for whom the choice came somehow naturally. He played tennis, and 15 years ago he turned to a sport that is gaining more and more followers in Romania, and which offers many health benefits: indoor cycling. We are talking about cycling practiced by anyone who wants, children and the elderly alike, inside a gym on stationary bikes, coordinated by an instructor.

She took her first indoor cycling lessons in Austria, where she spoke to English students. “In the cycling class, we travel on imaginary terrain, such as hills or mountains, applying various techniques of pedaling to music that inspires us,” explains Melania.

Weight loss, healthier heart and lungs

Among the many benefits that indoor cycling brings are weight loss, increased energy levels, stronger heart and lungs, lower risk of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and some cancers, increased bone density, better sleep, regulation of metabolism and the improvement of cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

The young woman now teaches indoor cycling at three halls in Bucharest, and in time she also received a nickname: Mel cycling. When she has time, she also does fitness exercises with children and adults to help them have a healthier life, but also to adopt sports in their lives. Always adapt the training to the needs of each person, so that the individualized way of working helps them in what they set out to do.

Sport means life

The passion for sports means, in fact, life for the indoor cycling instructor, as she tells us. And that’s because when he was just 8 years old, he had a pretty serious health problem. A hidden appendicitis developed into peritonitis, and after the operation he was not given much chance of survival.

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Recovery was difficult, and his father realized then that only through sport would he be able to heal and then maintain his health at a level that would allow him to do what he wanted in life. He thus managed to transform from a frail, weeping and weak girl like a stick into a strong woman physically, mentally and emotionally, who now teaches others to become so.

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“I think sports keep me alive. That’s why I come to the aid of children who need sports. In light of what happened to me, I think I can understand them differently and really help them. Just as I healed and became a strong person physically and mentally through sports, so do I help them, ”says Melania with emotion.

A job in the clouds

She had several professions, starting as a social worker at the Association of the Blind in Romania, and then she went into the medical field, where she worked in a call center, among others, and at the age of 28 she decided to become a flight attendant.

“I have a very good friend who came up with this suggestion and I really liked what she told me, so I decided to change my life. It’s part of my personality. I’m always looking forward to new experiences, “says Melania. She was recruited by the well-known airline Qatar Airways, but the prospect of moving out of the country and leaving her parents, friends and everything she loved did not make her smile.

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However, she did not want to give up her passion for flying, so she decided to work for a Romanian aviation company. She attended the Higher School of Civil Aviation, and has been a flight attendant for 8 years. She was first seconded to Bacău, and then moved to Bucharest, where she is still active. During all this time, he never gave up his first love: sports. Her schedule is extremely strict, but she successfully combines both her job and her sport.

Pilots’ eyes and ears

Over the years, there have been many stories about flight attendants, and Melania has dismantled some of them and clarified others. The first is that both girls and boys need to stand out for their beauty. Girls are not required to know the known size of 90-60-90, but appearance matters. “We are generally standards. Not necessarily mannequins, models, but the physical appearance must be pleasant “, says the young woman.

The profession of flight attendant is not limited to checking the seat belts of passengers, serving food and drink and explaining safety precautions on board an aircraft. “We have a whole series of duties that are known only to us. We check the equipment, the cockpit and carefully observe all the passengers. We are not only there to be nice and serve something, but for the safety of the passengers and the flight. We are the rear eyes of the pilots “, Melania explains.

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The most important aspect, which is never discounted when it comes to a flight attendant, is health. Medical examination is extremely rigorous and is and is normal.

Instructor for your own colleagues

Despite the risks and physical wear and tear, the young woman would not give up her job for nothing in the world. Even though he has run thousands of races so far, he feels a special emotion every time he takes off. “I like when the aircraft comes off the ground and that feeling of climbing through the clouds. It has many connotations for me. It’s an elevation of the senses and the idea that you are doing something that not many people can do, because many are afraid to fly, gives you an extraordinary feeling “, the young woman introduces us to the atmosphere of her job.

Like pilots, flight attendants are exposed to radiation, dry air, vibration and noise during flights. That’s why Melania has a very well-developed sleep and nutrition program. In fact, indoor cycling has complemented the profession of flight attendant, because it maintains its physical condition, but also mental and emotional at a very high level.

“If you are a flight attendant and sedentary the rest of the time, it is very dangerous,” explains the young woman. More and more of her colleagues have become aware of the importance of sports for their health and are now attending Melania’s classes.

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