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The European Commission eliminates all taxes and quotas on Ukrainian exports for one year. In addition, anti-dumping duties are suspended


“The European Commission has agreed to abolish all duties and quotas on Ukrainian exports for one year, as well as to suspend anti-dumping tariffs,” the Ukrainian head of state said. According to the President, he discussed the details of this proposal today with EC President Ursula von der Leyen.

“At this time it will allow us to maintain maximum economic activity in Ukraine, to maintain our national production. But we must consider this decision not only in the Ukrainian context. Sufficient exports of our products to European and global markets will be a significant anti-crisis tool, “Zelenski said.[menţinemproducţianoastrănaţionalăDartrebuiesăluămînconsiderareaceastădecizienunumaiîncontextulucraineanExporturilesuficientealeproduselornoastrecătrepieţeleeuropeneşiglobalevorfiunsemnificativinstrumentanti-criză”aspusZelenski

The president of Ukraine said that Russia was trying to provoke a global price crisis in order to “start the chaos in all the basic markets, especially in the food market”.

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According to him, Ukrainian exports will help stabilize markets, so it benefits not only Ukraine but also all Europeans, “residents of all countries that may be hit by Russia’s destructive ambitions.”

Zelenski stressed that new decisions by the partners on the liberalization of Ukrainian exports are expected in the coming days.

“We also agree with the European Union on how to increase the potential of transport corridors on our western border,” he said.

Zelenski also spoke about the conversation with the President of Indonesia, including food security. Zelenski noted that the threat of famine to millions of people in various countries will continue until Russia begins to seek peace with Ukraine.

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“Because of this war waged by Russia, dozens of states have found themselves in a situation where they cannot be sure of stability for their people,” he said.

Zelenski expressed his gratitude for the invitation to attend this year’s G20 summit.

Earlier, Bloomberg reported, citing sources, that the European Union plans to eliminate all tariffs and quotas on Ukrainian exports to support the country’s economy during the war.

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