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The European Commission accuses Apple of restricting rivals’ access to its payment technology


The European Commission said in a press release on Monday that it had “informed Apple of its preliminary opinion that it had abused its dominant position in the markets for mobile wallets on iOS devices”.

Apple’s statement of objections points to alleged violations of Europe’s antitrust rules, but does not necessarily determine the final outcome of the investigation.

Apple will have a chance to review and respond to the commission’s findings.

The Commission, the EU’s executive body, wrote that it had found that Apple had restricted competition in the mobile wallet market for its iPhone operating system, limiting the technology used for contactless payments, known as near field communication (NFC).

“In our statement of objections, we found in advance that Apple could restrict competition in favor of its own Apple Pay solution,” Margrethe Vestager, the commissioner for competition and executive vice president of the commission, said in a statement.

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“If confirmed, such conduct would be illegal under our competition rules,” Vestager said.

The commission argued that Apple’s decision not to make its NFC technology accessible to third-party mobile wallet developers “has a foreclosure effect and leads to fewer innovations and fewer consumer options for mobile wallets on the iPhone.”

“Apple Pay is just one of the many options available to European consumers to make payments and has ensured equal access to NFC, while setting the highest standards of privacy and security. We will continue to work with the Commission to ensure that European consumers have access to the payment option of their choice in a secure and secure environment, “an Apple spokesman said in a statement on Monday.

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Apple has also expressed concern that changes to its payment system could lead to a less secure process.

The Commission has reviewed Apple rules separately for developers who want to deploy apps on iOS.

Europe has also recently reached an agreement on new rules in the Digital Markets Act, which aim to reduce the dominance of digital platforms acting as guardians of key services.

U.S. lawmakers have similarly looked at how Apple has treated application developers and proposed new rules that would require Apple and others to provide a more open environment for potential rivals who want to distribute applications on their phones.

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