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The EU has announced that it will not apply the EU minimum wage directive


“The decision of the European Union leaves room for the Member States to decline this principle based on the realities and characteristics of each state. For example, we have very advanced collective agreements, including at the second level, so this instrument must not penalize in any way the forms we have successfully experienced, “said Giancarlo Girgetti, Italian Minister of Economic Development.

The European Parliament’s Committee on Employment and Social Affairs announced on Tuesday a draft agreement on the establishment of a minimum wage in the European Union. The agreement will have to be formally approved by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union.

The European Commissioner for Labor and Social Affairs, Nicolas Schmit, said that “the European Union will not impose a minimum wage on Italy”.

According to ANSA data, calls for Italy to introduce the minimum wage rose on Tuesday, after the European Commission announced that a political agreement had been reached between the European Parliament and EU member states on its proposal for a directive.

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The Directive establishes a framework for the adjustment of legal minimum wages in the Member States that have them and promotes collective bargaining on the setting of wages. However, it does not oblige states to introduce a minimum wage.

“In the General Policy, we have promised a law that will ensure fair minimum wages in the European Union. With today’s political agreement, we will deliver results. The new rules will protect the dignity of work and ensure that work is paid for, “said Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission.

A number of bills have been submitted to the Italian parliament for the introduction of a minimum wage, including two for a minimum wage of at least nine euros per hour for people whose jobs are not covered by collective agreements.

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“I am very confident that the Italian government and the social partners will reach a good agreement to strengthen collective bargaining, especially for the least protected, and in the end they will conclude that it could be important to introduce a wage system. minimum in Italy. But it is up to the Italian government and the social partners to do so, “the source said.

Agriculture Minister Stefano Patuanelli, a leading member of the 5 Star Movement, said a minimum wage law in Italy should be passed before the end of next year’s parliamentary term.

Peppe Provenzano of the Democratic Party (PD) also tweeted that, according to the Constitution, Italy is a “work-based” republic and therefore “cannot remain” on the issue.

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