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The designer who created the dress that Carmen Iohannis wore at the meeting with Jill Biden: “All outfits are returned to the designer”


Andreea Tincu wrote on Facebook, following some comments regarding the outfit worn by Carmen Iohannis at the meeting with the First Lady of the United States of America, Jill Biden, that all the dresses are returned to her.

“Since I’ve been reading scripts about how much the First Lady’s outfits cost in the last 24 hours, I’d like to remind you that absolutely all of the outfits are returned to the designer, later sold through my site or kept, because we use them at other important photo sessions. . A conclusive example is one of my favorite dresses, which was worn by First Lady Carmen Iohannis in 2019 at the Coronation of Emperor Naruhito, but also this year, by Soloist Diana Bucur (from Opera Iasi – no), when I made together the campaign of the “Ode to Joy” scarf. Loyal customers Andrea Tincu know this aspect well, many outfits being purchased directly from our showroom by people of the same size “, said the designer Andreea Tincu.

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At the same time, Andreea Tincu added that certain outfits from her fashion shows are worn by various public figures, including the president’s wife, and that this is “absolutely normal in the field of fashion, both nationally and internationally.”

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