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The “coast for all” begins on Sunday. Prices start at 34 lei


“Prices are up to 70% lower than at the peak of the season,” said data from the Federation of Romanian Tourism Employers (FPTR).

For this year’s edition, dozens of hotels from all the resorts on the Romanian coast have announced their participation, which offer tourists, cumulatively, a number of approximately 4,000 accommodation places per night.

Thus, until June 19, Romanians can spend a stay on the Romanian coast in the off-season, with rates starting from 34 lei per night per person. As in previous years, tour packages can be paid for with holiday vouchers.

“We recommend tourists to spend their holidays on our coast and in the off-season. They have every reason: the beaches and resorts are not crowded, the weather is very nice and, perhaps the most important argument, the prices are much lower than in July and August. I am glad that, despite the difficult times we are going through, we can continue this program that has become a tradition and offer all Romanians the opportunity to spend a few days at the beach at more than affordable rates “, says Dragoş Răducan , the president of FPTR.

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Tariffs through the “Seaside for All” program are up to 70% lower than at the peak season. The cheapest package for one night accommodation without breakfast starts from 34 lei per person, at a 3 star hotel for a minimum stay of 5 nights accommodation. For those who prefer accommodation with all-inclusive meals, the rates start from 160 lei / night / person at a 3-star hotel for a minimum of 3 nights accommodation.

The Seaside for All program is in its 40th edition and is the only social program in Romania fully supported by the business environment, respectively by the local hotel employers. Details on the hotels included in the Seaside for All program can be found on the website www.fptr.ro. Reservations can be made both directly at the hotel and through travel agencies.

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The Federation of Romanian Tourism Employers is the only employer federation with legal representation at the level of activity sector “tourism, hotels, restaurants”, consisting of tourism companies that provide salary income for 73,752 employees, managing, in an overwhelming share, capital Romanian.

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