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The benefits of “black gold” therapy, as it is called Techirghiol sludge


Also known as “Black Gold”, the sapropelic mud from Lake Techirghiol has miraculous health benefits. It is composed of naturally occurring substances from geological processes.

“Recognized since Roman times, peloidotherapy, or therapy with peloids or mud, is multifactorial and acts through complex mechanisms. The beneficial effects appear immediately, as well as over time, by changing the general adaptive capacity of the body. They act at the level of the cardiovascular system, at the level of the central and vegetative nervous system, immunological and endocrine ”, says the balneologist Mihaela Cucu.

About the benefits of sludge:

  • Stimulation of peripheral circulation, fine-tuning of thermoregulatory mechanisms and nonspecific immune response through the cutaneous-mucosal barrier and skin dendritic cells;

  • It detoxifies and exfoliates through massage, but also purifies and moisturizes the skin;

  • Relieves back and joint pain.

  • Reduces muscle contractions;

  • Eliminates fatigue, increases mental tone and vitality.

The mud from Lake Techirghiol can be considered a true “women’s doctor.” It rekindles the hope of motherhood, curing inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system that cause infertility (annexitis, cervicitis, endometritis). The bituminous component gives the sludge an estrogen-like action. Mud therapies stimulate sensitive skin endings, energy and substance exchanges, body temperature regulating mechanisms, and vitamin D synthesis. which comes into direct contact. Increasing calcium and phosphorus retention makes mud an extremely important remedy for strengthening the bone system, preventing and treating osteoporosis. It is wonderful when the healing effects of sludge are combined with the aesthetic ones. It is a beauty specialist for the humic acids in the composition that have hyaluronidase effects. Deeply cleanses the skin, removes toxins, cleanses, decreases sebum secretion, alleviates wrinkles, reduces the appearance of cellulite. Intensely moisturizes, softens and restores skin color, elasticity, tone and radiance.

The story of the famous “BLACK GOLD” from Lake Techirghiol

It is said that a lame and blind old Tartar named Tekir arrived with his wounded donkey on the shore of this lake, where the animal came to bathe. The old man then struggled for hours to get it out of the smelly mud, but the stubborn donkey did not want to move out of the water. But the old man’s astonishment and joy were great when, coming out of the lake, he realized that his eyes could make out the light again, and his long-helpless legs had begun to listen to him. As for his wise donkey, the wounds on his back had healed, and his body seemed to be living a new youth. Upon hearing of this miraculous event, people came to the shore of the lake, bathing and anointing themselves with mud to find a cure. And because Tekir and his donkey were the ones who discovered the miraculous benefits of the lake, it was called Techirghiol meaning “Lake of Techir”. The first written evidence of the use of mud and baths in Lake Techirghiol for therapeutic purposes dates back to the 1800s, and 2014 marked the 115th anniversary of the recognition of Lake Techirghiol in balneology and its therapeutic properties.

Lake Techirghiol is the largest and saltiest salt lake in Romania

“With a high salinity of 80-90 grams / liter, the water from Lake Techirghiol is extremely rich in minerals and trace elements such as magnesium, bromine, calcium, potassium, manganese and boron. The water is very salty and therefore it can only be used in external cures, for cold or hot baths. Water exerts its therapeutic effect through its temperature and chemical composition, stimulating thermoregulatory mechanisms and adaptive reactions. The high density of lake water causes a higher archimedean force than plain water, with an accentuated sensation of unloading the weight of the body immersed in it. This feature gives it important benefits in the recovery of various diseases of the muscles and joints, through exercise programs in the water “, concludes the doctor.

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