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The advantages of a vertical iron


Among the advantages of vertical ironing is the possibility of ironing on your feet, without forcing your back and with considerably faster times; it is also recommended as a solution for refreshing and sanitizing clothes in suitcases, due to the light and ergonomic models designed to be transported on trips.

Unlike a traditional steam iron, a vertical iron ensures a longer life of clothes, because the steam that acts delicately and without direct contact softens the fibers of the clothes instead of tightening them.

Vertical ironing systems are basically divided into two groups, namely steam irons and vertical irons.

Steam irons for vertical ironing (even when traveling)

Steam beasts promise to revolutionize the industry. They are perfect for travel because they are comfortable and compact and very practical. They have a small tank, between 100 and 200 ml, and heat up very quickly. Therefore, these accessories are ideal for removing wrinkles and creases from clothes folded in a suitcase, but they are also useful at home, for example for ironing curtains.

Vertical irons

A vertical iron has an internal capacity of about one liter, as do the tanks of conventional irons, and provides between 120 and 180 minutes of work without the need for recharging. They are perfect for ironing men’s shirts, evening dresses and even delicate clothes, without having to turn them over and over on the ironing board.

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The secret is the constant emission of steam, which allows the clothes to be ironed evenly while they are hung on hangers and then stored directly in the closet. In short, a vertical iron is an aid to speeding up household chores without sacrificing quality and meticulousness.

Despite all the advantages, however, a vertical iron does not guarantee the same precise results as a traditional horizontal model, but due to the use of a tumble dryer, the clothes will have fewer creases and will therefore be lighter and faster. ironing board.

Advantages of a vertical iron over a traditional one

Speed: The waiting time varies between thirty seconds and one minute before you can use a vertical iron.

Easy to use: after placing the coat on the hanger, the steam will do everything, which means it is perfect even for those who are not very skilled.

Suitable for all fabrics: because most vertical irons do not come into direct contact with clothes, they can also be used with more delicate compositions, such as silk or wool.

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A more comfortable posture: vertical ironing avoids straining your back, as you can step on your feet comfortably.

Just one application: a single burst of steam is enough to restore the clothes to their original shape, without fatigue.

No ironing board: You don’t need an ironing board, so you can iron your clothes effortlessly whenever you want.

Fast: It allows you to iron much faster, which will allow you – finally – to forget about the long and tiring sessions in front of the ironing board.

Sanitization: It allows you not only to iron your clothes, but also to refresh or sanitize them simply, using the power of steam.

Ease: Allows you to easily iron even the most difficult textiles, such as curtains at home.

Lightweight: Due to its compact and handy size, a vertical iron is also perfect as an ally in your suitcase when traveling.

For a flawless ironing with a vertical iron, we recommend a Tefal iron.

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