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Summer tires: the benefits of fitting them to your car now that the weather is nice


In the warmer months, the tire may expand, making the car much more unstable. Therefore, it is recommended to use summer tires, which are made of harder rubber and remain effective even at very high temperatures: this allows the wheels to grip the asphalt much better and the driver to maintain better control. on the vehicle. In fact, it is important to know that tires, in addition to being exposed to outside temperatures, get very hot during driving due to constant friction on the road.

You can buy such tires online from the eMAG website. The only thing to keep in mind is that these tires should not be used in the winter, as their characteristics are not suitable for temperatures below 7 degrees. But for everything else, their advantages are obvious.

Reasons to buy summer tires

1. Better handling

Summer tires provide better grip on the road, making driving much safer. This reduces braking time, thus avoiding possible collision accidents.

2. Better braking

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Summer tires have better braking capacity on dry ground, as long as the temperature is above 7 degrees. Under this temperature, they should not be used, as this would increase the risk of an accident, which is why it is strongly recommended not to use them in the rain or snow.

Michelin summer tires – ideas

For example, if we drive on a wet road at 80 km / h, the braking distance with summer tires would be 40 meters, while with winter tires it would be only 34 meters. This means that under these conditions, the car would travel up to 6 meters more before stopping completely. And on snow, the result would be even worse, because the braking distance of summer tires at a speed of 50 km / h would be 63 meters, compared to only 32 meters for winter tires … I mean a difference 31 meters more! This is why summer tires must be used in the conditions for which they were designed: to ensure optimum safety at high temperatures.

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3. Flexible handling

The fact that the rubber of the summer tires is softer allows the car to turn, avoid obstacles and take turns much easier.

4. Larger contact area

Summer tires are generally wider, which gives them better grip on the road. However, when the road is wet, the risk of losing traction or even aquaplaning increases, so be extra careful when driving in the rain after the installation of summer tires.

5. Better reaction speed

Summer tires give the driver faster and more precise control of the vehicle, especially in tight corners, which makes them indispensable for all sports driving enthusiasts.

6. Summer tire prices

Summer tires are cheaper than winter tires, so it won’t cost you much to change them. Not to mention the fact that equipping cars with tires suitable for the season helps to save fuel. This reduces not only the amount of fuel used but also the noise produced by the vehicle.

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