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STUDY What factors influence the quality of family life


On the occasion of Family Day, which takes place internationally on May 15, CIPRA – Center for Information, Prevention, Risk and Analysis launched a new study on the quality of family life in Romania in 2022.

With the support of Reveal Marketing Research partners, the study provides a documented picture of the factors that influence family quality of life, analyzed in five dimensions: family interactions, parenting, physical well-being, emotional well-being, and support for people with disabilities.

Some of the study’s findings on issues such as the analysis of interactions with family members, how different age groups relate to them, and the idea of parenting and what are the conditions that influence and determine family relationships are listed below:

  • The most important aspects that determine the quality of family life are: family interaction (75%), parenting(73%) and physical well-being (73%). In addition, emotional well-being (67%) and support for people with disabilities (66%) are less important for respondents.
  • The importance of family factors and the degree of satisfaction declared increases with age. Thus, those aged 18-35 say they are less satisfied of the investigated aspects towards the age groups over 35 years.

  • In terms of family interaction, time spent together elicits the most positive reactions for 76% of the respondents, while the lowest percentage is recorded by the statement “My family members speak openly to each other”, with only 70%. The rupture of communication and interaction is felt most strongly by young people, where this percentage reaches 51%. It seems that the 35-44 generation and senior family members, over 55, manage to align their values ​​and attitudes towards family life, their level of satisfaction being significantly higher for all aspects tested.

  • When we talk about parenting, that is, things related to education, socializing, caring for the needs of family members, we see the same pattern of behavior at all ages. If we analyze the hierarchy of statements, the lowest percentages are related to the involvement of parents in the area of ​​homework and school activities (69%), and on the first place is the transmission of values ​​related to the way decisions are made (75%).

  • Regarding the level of satisfaction in terms of physical well-being, the first two factors, with an equal percentage of 72%, are medical care and safety perceived, at home, at work, at school, in the community.

  • On the 4th place out of 5 is the level of satisfaction related to emotional well-being. The highest percentages are among adults, aged 35-45, who feel to a greater extent that they receive emotional support from friends and acquaintances, but also that they have found solutions to manage stress.

  • In the last place are the statements and the block of issues related to support for family members with certain disabilities. For them, the level of satisfaction is about half for all the aspects evaluated – support for the achievement of the objectives, the relations with the service providers that offer support to these categories of people or the support offered to the members with disabilities to make friends.

“As society evolves and access to information and personal development techniques grows, we have considered it necessary to take an in-depth approach to this subject, which greatly influences the future of society and, implicitly, the quality of our lives. CIPRA aims, from the very beginning, to be a voice in terms of improving the quality of life of Romanians, through access to information documented and validated by experts. Thus, the latest CIPRA study wants to show how satisfied Romanians are with family life, what parenting means in 2022 and, in particular, how these elements shape our evolution as a society, perceptions and lives “, said Constantin Bratu, President of CIPRA.

Based on the CAWI (Self-Applied Online Questionnaires) methodology, the study targeted a representative sample of over 1,000 respondents from large urban and rural areas, women and men over the age of 18.

The full results of the study on the 5 main topics with an impact on the quality of life are available in full on the official CIPRA website, section studied.

The study was launched on May 10 in the Romanian Parliament, through a public debate Committee on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men in the Chamber of Deputies. The theme was the Romanian Family in 2022 and highlighted the premises, priorities and needs of today’s family, with the aim of forming and maintaining a healthy family in our society.

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