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Starbucks leaves Russia for good: 2,000 Russians will be paid for another 6 months before being fired


Starbucks says it has left Russia and will no longer have a strong presence there, but will continue to pay the salaries of about 2,000 of its employees until they find work.

The company says it has been operating in Russia for 15 years and has now closed its 130 licensed cafes in the country. Starbucks joins other companies such as McDonald’s and Exxon Mobil and will give up its Russian business permanently.

Starbucks says it will “support” its nearly 2,000 employees in Russia, including paying salaries for six months and assisting partners in transitioning to new opportunities outside of Starbucks.

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This comes after Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said in March that he had suspended all business in Russia, including the delivery of all Starbucks products.

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