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SpaceX launches new round of financing, valuing the company at about $ 127 billion


In February, SpaceX split its shares by 10 to 1, lowering its share price to $ 56 per unit – a new 25% increase in valuation.

SpaceX also conducts a secondary sale of shares to insiders and existing shareholders for securities worth up to $ 750 million.

The company makes these secondary offers on a regular basis as a way for long-term shareholders to sell shares, as SpaceX has remained private for more than 20 years since its inception.

Cash infusion details have not been released before.

The New York Post wrote for the first time that SpaceX intends to attract more funds and noted, citing anonymous sources, that the capital increase has been “a high demand” so far.

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The company’s valuation has skyrocketed over the past few years as SpaceX has raised billions to fund work on two high-funding projects: the next-generation Starship rocket and its global Starlink satellite network.

The company’s funding round is taking place when founder and CEO Elon Musk is accused of sexual harassment by a former SpaceX flight attendant.

The billionaire denied the allegations made against him as “crazy accusations”.

It appears that the flight attendant did not sue SpaceX and instead reached an agreement for a $ 250,000 indemnity in 2018.

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