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Slovakia will continue to pay for Russian gas in euros and is preparing for a total cessation of supplies, even if it imports 85% of consumption


The Slovak government said on Wednesday that it was ready to deal with an “obstruction” in the supply of Russian gas, as was the case in Poland, but did not provide further details, EFE reported. Agerpres.

Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Heger said Slovakia would maintain gas payments “in euros, according to established rules and European Commission recommendations”.

Russia’s Gazprom consortium has announced a halt to supplies to Poland and Bulgaria on the grounds that the two countries have not paid their rubles in rubles, as Russia imposed unilaterally a few weeks ago.

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About 85% of the natural gas imported by Slovakia comes from Russia, which is one of the most European countries dependent on Russia.

“Russia will not break Western unity and solidarity,” Heger said of the announced shutdown of Russian gas supplies to two EU member states.

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