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Slovakia has reached gas agreements with Norway, although it still receives Russian gas


In addition, Richard Sulik told reporters that Slovakia is still supplied with Russian natural gas, the news agency quoted Agerpres as saying.

“Today we can say that deliveries for Slovakia are assured by the end of 2023,” Richard Sulik told a news conference. “As of June 1, Slovakia’s dependence on Russian natural gas will be reduced by 65%. This is the highest level that has been reached so far,” the Slovak official added.

Referring to the Norwegian gas supply contract, Richard Sulik stated that it would cover about 32% of Slovakia’s annual consumption, and the other liquefied gas supply contract almost 34%.

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“We have made sure that we will be able to take liquefied gas from ships in three or four places, with Croatia being the closest, but we will be able to do the same in Italy, Belgium and England. There is enough capacity for the SPP to receive one. or two ships a month, “said Richard Sulik.

The Slovak Minister of Economy also said that Slovakia, a country that consumes about five billion cubic meters of natural gas per year, will continue to receive gas from Russia, where SPP has a contract in progress until 2029.

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Thanks to all these combined deliveries, which will start in June, Slovakia will be able to fill its gas depots until July 10 with enough to meet its needs for next winter.

Norway is the largest producer of natural gas in Europe, with 150,000 million cubic meters per year.

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