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Sergei Lavrov: “There are problems with the export of Russian grain. Ships carrying them are subject to sanctions. “


“There are also problems with the export of Russian grain … ships carrying Russian grain are subject to sanctions,” Lavrov said during a visit to Saudi Arabia.

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia, which is also a major grain exporter, has led to rising food prices globally, but Moscow is blaming Western sanctions for disruptions in its fertilizer and grain exports.

In early May, Russia announced plans to increase wheat exports this year due to a 130 million-ton grain crop in 2022, including a record 87 million tons of wheat.

“Russia currently expects to harvest 130 million tons of grain by 2022, including 87 million tons of wheat,” Russian leader Vladimir Putin told a meeting of senior economic officials.

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According to the quoted source, Russia produced a record grain harvest of 133.5 million tons in 2020, including 85.9 million tons of wheat. The harvest was smaller in 2021.

“If this happens, which we are counting on to happen, it could be a record (no in terms of wheat harvest) in Russia’s history,” Putin said. The official did not provide an estimate of the export figures at the time.

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