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Russia’s “punishment” for Helsinki. Russian gas for Finland has been cut off


“Gasum supplies to Finland under Gasum’s supply contract have been cut off,” Finland’s state-owned energy company Gasum said on Saturday after the Nordic country refused to pay Gazprom in rubles.

The gas, the company added in a statement, will now be supplied from other sources through the Balticconnector gas pipeline, which connects Finland to Estonia.

In April, Gazprom demanded that all future payments for its export gas supplies be made in rubles and not in euros, but Gasum rejected the request. The group announced on Tuesday that it is requesting arbitration in court. On Friday, it was informed by Gazprom about the interruption of deliveries starting Saturday.

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Although the gas accounts for only 8% of the energy consumed in Finland, the gas used by the Nordic country comes mainly from Russia. However, Gasum assured that it would be able to obtain gas from other suppliers and that it would continue its activities “normally”.

Finland has already unveiled plans to phase out Russian gas next winter, announcing in particular the ten-year lease, along with neighboring Estonia, of a floating liquefied natural gas (LNG) gas regasification terminal.

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