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Russian company Aeroflot bought eight Airbus A330s from foreign leasing companies after “confiscating” 400


Aeroflot did not specify from which companies the respective planes were rented.

International sanctions have forced Western leasing companies to terminate contracts for more than 500 aircraft leased by Russian airlines.

More than 400 of them, worth nearly $ 10 billion, were in Russia at the time, and Moscow has banned airlines from returning them.

To ensure that they can still have valid certificates of airworthiness and that Russian air operators can continue to use them, the Russian authorities have transferred the aircraft to Russia’s own registry.

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Meanwhile, leasing companies have resigned, claiming damages from insurance companies to try to recover some of the lost value of the aircraft.

The biggest claim was made by AerCap, the world’s largest aircraft lessor, which filed a $ 3.5 billion insurance claim for more than 100 aircraft. AerCap did not immediately respond to Reuters calls for comment.

In April, Moscow announced that all leased foreign aircraft would remain in Russia

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