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Russia is restricting exports of noble gases, such as neon, a key ingredient in chipmaking


Restricting Russia’s exports could exacerbate the supply crisis in the global semiconductor market.

Ukraine was one of the world’s largest suppliers of noble gas until it suspended production at its plants in Mariupol and Odessa in March.

Exports of noble gas, which Russia used to supply to Japan and other countries, will only be allowed with the state’s special permission until December 31, according to the Russian government.

The measure will provide an opportunity to “rearrange those links that have now been severed and to build new ones”, according to Deputy Minister of Commerce Vasili Spak.

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Russia supplies 30 percent of global gas supplies, according to ministry estimates.

Taiwan, the world’s largest chip maker, has imposed restrictions on exports to Russia after Moscow sent thousands of troops to Ukraine on February 24th.

“We plan to increase our (noble gas) production capacity in the near future. We believe that we will have the opportunity to be heard in this global chain, and this will give us a certain competitive advantage, if it is necessary to build mutual benefits, negotiations with our colleagues “, said Şpak.

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