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Russia has cut off electricity supplies to Finland after it applied to join NATO


The company responsible for the sale of electricity to Finland, RAO Nordic, announced on Friday its intention to cease deliveries at midnight, citing arrears of payment, when Finland announced its accession to NATO.

Exports from Russia to Finland “are currently at zero, and this has been happening since midnight (21.00 GMT), as announced,” Timo Kaukonen, operations manager at Fingrid, the network’s operator, told AFP.

The network is balanced due to imports from Sweden, according to the real-time map of Fingrid, which said on Friday that it could do without Russian electricity “without difficulty”.

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Finland has so far imported about 10% of its neighbor’s total electricity consumption.

RAO Nordic, a Helsinki subsidiary of Russia’s InterRAO, justified the shutdown on Friday, saying it had not received any payments for electricity supplied to Finland since May 6.

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