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Russia announces record wheat harvest, while soldiers steal grain from Ukraine


“Russia currently expects to harvest 130 million tons of grain in 2022, including 87 million tons of wheat,” Russian leader Vladimir Putin told a meeting of senior economic officials. .ro.

According to the quoted source, Russia produced a record grain harvest of 133.5 million tons in 2020, including 85.9 million tons of wheat. The harvest was smaller in 2021.

“If this happens, which we are counting on to happen, it could be a record (in terms of wheat harvest) in the history of Russia,” Putin said. The official did not provide an estimate of export figures.

Russia is in competition with the European Union and Ukraine over wheat exports to the Middle East and Africa. Moscow continues to export, despite difficulties in logistics and payments in the context of sanctions imposed by Western states following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Russia’s higher wheat harvest exports in the new July-June season could meet growing global demand if Ukraine’s exports remain low and Kiev does not regain access to seaports. Black, Sovecon, a consulting firm in the Black Sea region, announced in April.

Grain exports are falling sharply in Ukraine

On the other hand, Ukraine’s grain exports fell by more than half in May compared to the same period in 2021, although at almost 300,000 tons they are similar to those of the entire month of March 2022, the first full month of the invasion. Russia reports on Thursday, according to Reuters.

Between May 1-12, 2021, Ukraine exported 667,000 tons of grain.

Prior to the Russian invasion on February 24, the country exported up to six million tons of grain per month. The war has generated volatility in international financial markets, leading to rising commodity prices and affecting logistics.

So far, in the 2020/2021 agricultural season, Ukraine has exported 46.17 million tons of grain, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, compared to 39.65 million tons in the previous season.

Export volumes in 2021/2022 include 18.53 million tons of wheat, 21.50 million tons of corn and 5.68 million tons of barley.

The agricultural and food sector is responsible for almost 10% of Ukraine’s GDP. Last year, the neighboring country exported $ 28 billion worth of food worldwide, including seven billion euros worth of food to the EU.

In the 2020/2021 season, Ukraine was the fourth largest global exporter of corn and the sixth largest exporter of wheat, according to the International Cereals Council.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion on February 24, Ukraine has been forced to redirect its grain exports by rail to the western border or to small ports on the Danube.

Russia is stealing grain from Ukraine

The Ukrainian military accused Russian troops of looting wheat stocks in some southeastern towns in late April, while heavy fighting in the region continued.

“Russian invaders are robbing the locals. For example, more than 60 tons of wheat, along with trucks, were stolen from the agricultural cooperative in the town of Kamianka-Dniprovska (Zaporozhye region), “said the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“The robberies have moved on an industrial scale. We filmed images with a convoy of more than 50 cars with trailers pulling grain out of our occupied territories … And today we don’t know where they sent them, “said Ivan Fedorov, the mayor of Melitopol.

Ukrainian intelligence reported on May 10 that grain stolen by Russian troops in occupied areas of Ukraine was already in the Mediterranean, and their most likely destination appeared to be Syria.

According to the Information Department of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, “a significant part of the stolen grain from Ukraine is on Russian-flagged solid cargo ships in the Mediterranean Sea.”

Last week, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense announced that about half a million metric tons of grain had already been stolen from Ukraine.

A few days ago, Ukrainian Agriculture Minister Mikola Solskii said that in the context of possible theft of grain from Ukraine, any ships carrying grain through the port of Sevastopol in the Crimean region were stolen.

“We are looking for solutions so that the stolen cereals can be confiscated quickly,” the minister said, without giving details.

Ukraine exported more than 1 million tonnes of grain in April. What the authorities say about the theft of grain during the conflict

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