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Romanians travel more than in 2019. The average price for a plane ticket in Europe is below 30 euros


Among the most sought-after European destinations we still find Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Germany or France, countries frequented by both tourists and those who travel to visit their relatives abroad.

Romanians intend to book more city breaks and at least one longer vacation

According to Vola.ro data, the demand for destinations such as London, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona and Paris remains high among Romanians. In fact, there are good signs in terms of their travel intentions in 2022, with more city breaks (39.9%), more holidays per year (35.3%) or extended leave (21.7%). ).

The price of plane tickets to the main European capitals starts from 11 euro / person

For a ticket to some of the most requested routes, Rome or London, Romanians can take out of their pockets starting from 11 euros. For a flight to Madrid, the Romanians pay around 10 euros this spring for a ticket and 26 euros for Barcelona.

Tourists already have holiday plans for the next three months

According to the Vola.ro study, over 55% of respondents plan to travel in the next three months, while 35% of them want to travel in the next 3-6 months, which means that the tourism industry will benefit, in in the short term, a significant increase, sustained, of course, by the summer season.

For the next three months, Romanians (40.5%) plan to visit a large city / metropolis, given the favorable context of the lifting of pandemic restrictions, but also the pleasant temperatures during the spring. As expected, beach destinations remain in the top of tourists’ preferences (32.5%) and will be increasingly sought after as we approach June, which is why experts recommend planning ahead of time. holidays at sea.

Interesting are also the preferences of tourists regarding the chosen destinations, they prefer to stay in areas as close to home and affordable. 75% of participants in the Vola.ro study stated that they will travel to Europe in 2022, 11% chose to travel to Romania, 7.6% want non-European destinations (Dubai, Jordan, etc.), while only 5.9% plan a holiday in an exotic country (Mexico, Thailand, etc.).

“The situation in Ukraine has translated into the area of ​​air travel in a predisposition to last-minute bookings for the next 1-2 months and less to bookings for an average time horizon of 4-6 months, as we saw in previous years. In the first two weeks of March, the Romanians wanted to wait to see how things evolve in the neighboring country, but now things have returned to normal and even beyond our estimates. We recorded sales figures with over 15% more than in 2019 since March. The second major impact of the situation in Ukraine was on the load of flights departing in the next 1-3 days, but also on the congestion at airports. ” said Claudia Tocilă, Marketing Director of Vola.ro

What do the travel habits of Romanians look like in 2022

When it comes to choosing the next destination, Romanians are oriented, first of all, according to the available promotions (41.1%), an additional proof of the important role that affordable prices and offers designed by operators in the tourism industry have. About 35% of respondents say they make the travel decision based on the information presented on travel websites and blogs, while 12% of them find inspiration in social media.

As for the mode of transport chosen by Romanians for the 2022 trips, the Vola.ro study wins over the plane, preferred by 94.5% of respondents. Followed by personal car (2.8%), train (1.4%) and other options (rented car, cruise ship, etc.). Last but not least, Romanians still travel with family (50%), with partner (46.6%), with friends (30.3%), but also alone (17.2%).

What will the Romanians who will travel in 2022 pay attention to

In the context of the war in Ukraine, tourists continue to pay attention to the evolution of the conflict in the neighboring country and prioritize, perhaps more than ever, the safety of a destination. 75.5% of respondents say that this factor is very important for them when choosing to travel.

Regarding the services that a travel agency can provide for an efficient collaboration with its clients, the Vola.ro study mentions the following criteria: discounts, promotions (voted by 70.7% of participants), fast money back (48.6%) , flexible offers (51.7%), tax-free travel cancellation (51%), travel insurance (33.4%). to be able to cancel their trip for whatever reason and to receive a significant part of their money back.

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