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Romanians mistakenly believe that if they mix beer, spirits and wine they get drunk faster. Which drinks make you fatter


These conclusions emerged from the latest edition of the DRINKiQ campaign in Romania, launched by Diageo, the world’s leading producer and distributor of alcoholic beverages. After the success of last summer’s first round of the campaign, Diageo addressed the Romanians again in December 2021, returning with another series of the DRINKiQ questionnaire – more precisely 10 questions to try to find out if people know basic information about alcohol.

According to the campaign elements mentioned, 1,800 people tested their DRINKiQ in Romania and, on average, people knew the answer to 6 of the 10 questions. The questions referred to general information about alcohol and its effects on the human body. Here are some of the most relevant conclusions:

Mixing beer, wine and spirits

More than 70% of participants still believe that if they mix beer, wine and spirits, they will get drunk faster. This is a myth, because the effect is determined by the amount of alcohol a person consumes, not the type of alcoholic beverage.

By comparison, in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria, almost 47% and 56% of participants, respectively, knew that mixing beer, wine and spirits would not make them get drunk faster.

Is beer the same as wine or spirits?

Almost 70% of Romanian respondents did not know that a standard measure of spirits, wine or beer contains the same amount of alcohol and that the effect on the body is determined by the amount consumed, not by what we choose to drink.

Moreover, one in six participants thinks that beer is a healthier option than a glass of wine or a mixture of spirits, such as a cocktail, but in fact a standard unit of spirits, beer or wine contains the same amount of beer. alcohol, generally about 10-15ml of alcohol.

Who gets drunk easier: men or women?

More than a quarter of respondents mistakenly believe that men and women of the same constitution who drink the same amount of alcohol feel the same effects. This is not true because the liver processes alcohol using an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH). Women have lower levels of ADH enzymes in their bodies. This means that women who consume the same amount of alcohol as men will feel its effects more pronounced.

Children and alcohol

According to experts, children and minors should not drink alcohol at all, but over 11% of respondents believe that children can also drink a little alcohol to learn how to consume responsibly as adults. Thus, there is a significant improvement compared to the last edition of the DrinkiQ questionnaire, when 35% of Romanians believed that consuming alcohol in small quantities can help children drink responsibly in the future.

There are many risks associated with alcohol consumption from an early age, such as impaired brain development, increased risk of mental disorders, alcohol intoxication, injuries and accidents.

Alcohol and calories

Almost 76% of the participants rightly knew that if they only drank wine and avoided beer and spirits, they would not reduce their calorie intake because a glass of about 200 ml of wine contained about 200 calories. In comparison, 25 ml of spirits contain about 50 calories, and a 330 ml dose of beer contains about 150 calories. The number of calories in a drink depends on the strength of the alcohol, the amount drunk, and other additional ingredients added to the drink.

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