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Rediscover the scent you fell in love with. One of Lenor’s most beloved perfumes returns in a limited edition, with its 25th anniversary in Romania


The unmistakable aroma of Lenor perfume that enveloped our homes 25 years ago, returns in a limited edition to delight our senses once again, now with herbal velvety and in a recycled and recyclable packaging. Inspired by the fresh spring breeze, Lenor’s iconic fragrance invites us to become nostalgic and fondly remember the moments when we were pampered by soft bedding, clothes rushed in the morning, or the soft blanket that always awaited us on the couch.

Lenor was launched as part of Procter & Gamble’s portfolio in 1963 and has continued to provide its customers with the best fabric care as well as long-lasting freshness. Lenor perfumes later enveloped Romania, quickly becoming an indispensable brand in Romanian homes.

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In 1998, Lenor was the first fabric softener brand to introduce Scent Bubbles technology. This innovation allows the perfume to be encapsulated in small bubbles stored on clothes in the last stage of the washing cycle. With each movement of the body, these bubbles break and release freshness that lasts longer and longer.

Since then, the brand has continued to innovate to provide consumers with a unique sensory experience. Lenor perfumes offer moments of intense freshness with every touch of the fabrics, extending their life at the same time. The conditioner helps the fibers to become soft to the touch and comfortable. In addition, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles, makes ironing clothes easier and reduces the static effect, protecting fabrics from damage.

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We are committed to improving the lives of our consumers by making high quality products, and we also understand that we have a responsibility to protect the environment. Therefore, we are constantly exploring areas where we can make a difference. With the marking of this festive event, we want the relaunch of the first Lenor conditioner on the Romanian market, to bring to the Romanians pleasant memories and the freshness they felt 25 years ago.“, said Răzvan Resmeriţă, Fabric Care Communication Director Southeast Europe, within P&G.

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